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  1. Thanks for the insight folks,,, I’ll keep an eye on the fore and aft end as I do my first practice loading of the Bug. I read elsewhere as well about possibly needing a bit of assistance at the ramps by a board or two to make sure she drives up onto the ramps properly. I’ll report back after I’m done to let you know how I fared out. Tks again. Peter
  2. Sorry,, thanks for the help,,, yes, it is a 2004, Manual (standard) shift, front wheel drive Bug convertible. The Manual doesn’t speak to being towed at all. Thanks again for any assistance.
  3. Hi All,, Newbie here getting ready to take our A Class Gassie to Florida in October from Ontario. We have a standard VW Beetle we plan on taking with us on a tow Dolly. Anyone out there tow a Bug that may have any recommendations or cautions or any helpful hints,, will be much appreciated. Coach is a 2005 Coachmen Santara 3510DS. Thank You for any and all input. Peter
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