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  1. It would be nice if Tech connect put a message on their voice mail, or on the web site. The being ignored thing is so bothersome. Meanwhile - has anyone found any options? I hate that I need one, but it's looking like plan A (Tech Connect) is not coming together as I hoped.
  2. I have just, this week, received my Mifi. I guess my order went in just before registration suspension. I got online okay, but I do have a Tmobile SIM, not Sprint and I got stopped at 25 gbs. ( It let me get to 25, then told me I had hit my 10gb limit.) Until that happened I was really happy, no glitches, but that only took me 3.5 days to hit. Doing the trouble shooting I found that the APN address is incorrect. So, I am thinking this is all related to the same overall issue. My concern is how long till it's fixed. I will be on the road and working in a few weeks (first timer) and this sounded like the answer to my internet concerns. I need options for if this does not get resolved.
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