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  1. Brake lights not working on 1995 Safari 35’. While checking what I thought was brake light switch found out it was switch that turns on the reserve hydraulic pump for brakes. Not sure what that does but is it someway connected to brake lights? Pump came on with ignition off and by passing what I thought was brake light switch. If not connected it brake lights any idea where switch is? Thanks
  2. I’m thinking this might be too big of job for me. Anyone know of shop around Tallahassee or north Florida they could recommend. Thanks for the input.
  3. 35’ Safari diesel. Magnum chassis
  4. 35 Safari diesel Magnum chassis
  5. Proud new owner of 1995 Safari 35’. It has the leaf spring suspension I need to replace front rotors and probably calipers as well. Any suggestions for places to look for parts. Thanks
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