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  1. I have an older Fleetwood Fiesta 34B with a full size over the range microwave. Something in the door has broken and will not stay shut. I cannot get replacement parts for my Sunbeam apparently (or can't find them). It is a Sunbeam SNM1501RAB. The issue is when I look at the manual for the Sunbeam, it shows that the mounting bracket is a "hanger" style where there are two arms that insert into the top of the microwave and then secure there. All of the newer style microwaves appear to have a bracket that attaches to the lower part of the microwaves and then bolt in from the cabinet. I do not know what is behind the wall since I would be replacing the bracket. First does anyone know if there is a current microwave that uses the older style hanging bracket. I have attached a picture of the bracket from the manual. I am sure there is some reinforcement in the wall where the current bracket is. Has anyone replaced their microwave having one of the old hangers and used the newer style? Any help would be appreciated/
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