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  1. I looked thru the manual from Power Tech. It just gave me the options that it could be. Thanks
  2. What strength hydrogen peroxide do you use? Off the shelf at Walmart or a more industrial strength.
  3. Look at JC Refrigeration in Shipshewana, IN. Small town near Elkhart, IN. They do solar and refrigeration. Good people.
  4. That is two different settings on my inverter/charger.
  5. 2006 Cat generator/Power Tech is blowing oil from dipstick tube. I can seal that off. per service tech at Power tech, but then it starts leaking from oil filler pipe. Not a huge amount but enough to puddle up on top of cover. I think the crankcase vent must be stopped up but I've looked everywhere and can't locate a vent tube. Some vent from top of valve cover but this one does not. It will also leak some out after sitting a few days. Has anyone else had this issue?
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