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  1. Forest River has had a recall on the windows, a major issue. Make sure that there are no issues and have them checked by a approved dealer. I have had to replace 6 of 9 windows on my 2020 Forest River Berkshire XL40D, the windows were covered, but it was a major issue finding an approved dealer to do the work. I had two glass panel that fell off while I was driving.
  2. I have a 2020 Forest River Berkshire XL40D, overall the experience has been positive. But plan on doing a lot of little repairs the first year (new coach). The only major issue I had is that there is a window recall on all the side windows, I have had to replace six windows, they were all defective....They were under warranty, but that does not cover the hassle of getting someone to do the work (approved dealer).
  3. Lou Bachrodt Freightliner has a show near West Palm Beach, the Miami shop does not do front end alignment work.... I had to take my 2020 Forest River Berkshire XL to Freightliner in Ft Myers, they have a front end shop, they did the alignment, no problems.
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