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  1. My question about rain still stands. There is a gap, but rain falling straight down the pipe a good amount would still get to the exhaust from the generator. The worry is when the generator is not running but the extension is installed.
  2. I have been warned that just adding a length of pipe to the exhaust to get it away from the coach would affect the back pressure and possibly damage the generator engine...?
  3. One last question - we are in Florida where we get extremely heavy rains. If the extension is on and the generator is not running will all that water down the pipe hurt the generator. Or if it is running will it shut it down or damage it?
  4. I bought the exhaust extension, only to discover when I prepared to install it that when it is in position, the top of the extension ends up about a foot above the top of the RV and about 6 ft from the intake for our A/C. Am I not just piping the exhaust into the A/C?
  5. I suspect you are right about the lawyers. It does have a good carbon monoxide detector, and the exhaust for the generator is about a 1" dia pipe that I think I could attach an acceptable hose of some sort to to run it 15-20 ft away, which should solve the problem.
  6. I just bought a Leprechaun 260DS and the instrucitons sday do not sleep in the RV with he generator running due to carbon monoxide danger.. This precludes running the A/C at night, thus trying to sleep in 90- degree coach. "Can I run a hose from the generator exhaust to keep monoxide away?
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