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  1. Is this by chance Tim the mail man who calls 104.5 the zone on a regular basis ? If it is, I want you to know that I enjoy your take on the Nashville sports world. Anyway, we have a daughter we visit regularly who lives in Wilmington North Carolina, which is the East Coast terminus for I 40, and we enjoyed a Western trip early this summer where we used I 40 from Kingman back to Nashville, so In the past few months I've traveled most of the highway. It's pretty irritating between Knoxville and Little Rock because only the cities have more than 2 lanes in each direction. I guess I should say it used to be irritating before I retired, moved to the right lane, slowed down and set the cruise control on 65. I'm a lot better at going with the flow than I used to be. There wasn't a lot of construction along the length of the highway from here to Albuquerque when we went through in early June. There was some road work going through Oklahoma City but it didn't really slow us down very much. If Tucamcari NM happens to be a stopping spot, you should try some Mexican food at Del's Restaurant on Rte.66. Delicious!
  2. scottd

    Airbag deflation

    The rubber grommets on the rod were permanently attached so I bought a new rod. It wasn't exactly the same so I had to make a couple of minor alterations but I made it work. 6 bucks and a couple hours of my time. Thanks to everyone who offered advice and made me feel so welcome with my 1st post.
  3. scottd

    Airbag deflation

    Good call Herman. The one that's still attached is just about to break in two also. Off to find some replacements😊
  4. scottd

    Airbag deflation

    Wow! A picture is worth a thousand words. That should be extremely helpful. Thank you so much. I love this forum already! I’ll be sliding up under the rig tomorrow so I’ll let you know what I find.
  5. scottd

    Airbag deflation

    Thanks for the input folks! I’ll update soon and I promise I’ll be careful under there!
  6. scottd

    Airbag deflation

    Thanks for the help. The bags did not re-inflate when I re-cranked so I guess I need to move on to the next possibility. I am using the leveler to raise it enough to get access but plan to do some additional blocking to ensure safety.
  7. scottd

    Airbag deflation

    I have an issue I’m hoping to get some advice for. I purchased my first motor home, a 2003 Monaco Diplomat, a year ago. We have taken several trips and have added about 8000 miles to the scant 39500 that were on the odometer when we bought it. The eight air bags provided a smooth comfortable ride. However, a couple of days ago on our way home to Nashville from Gulf Shores, that changed rather suddenly. About 20 miles south of town, I noticed a change. The ride and the sound of the tires on the road seemed to be changing gradually. I convinced myself that the new pavement that they have recently laid down was the cause. However, a few minutes later we hit some wavy pavement which almost sent us airborne. Thankfully everyone was buckled in, or we would have had some injuries. As we carefully made our way the rest of the way home, we realized we were feeling every little bump. We concluded that the weird “feel” 20 miles out was probably a valve malfunctioning and the bags deflating and that was why the wavy pavement had such an effect on the coach. Sure enough, when we got stopped, a quick inspection revealed all 4 bags in the front were deflated. The rear bags were fine. I was riding so low my steps couldn’t make it all the way out. Unless the bags were damaged when we violently hit the wavy pavement, I think they’ll be ok if I can get air back into them. Is there a valve on this rig that controls all four front bags? Difficult to replace? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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