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  1. Just a note about towing a 4 cyl or 6 cyl. They have 2 totally different steering systems. 4 cyl is electric, 6 cyl is hydrolic, Most info that has been posted addresses the electric system. I have the 6 cyl and have experienced the wobble to the point I have been looking for a different towd. However I am going to try one last test and that is to turn off the skid control and have about 3 or 4 lbs extra air in the front tires to compensate for the extra down pressure coming over the top of the RV.
  2. I have a 2014 Terrain tried to tow behind a new Tiffin Wayfater, all within weight limits.Had the “Death” wobble develope @ 56/57 MPH with & without #32 fuse pulled, experminted weather or not power steering was active with the # 16 fuse was pulled, no difference at all, power steering was never active through any of these test. I”m actually afraid to do a road test. The above Terrain is 6 cyl 2WD good condition with 55,000 mi. I have owned 7 motor homes over 44 years, towing behind all of them. This Tiffin is the smallest and the most concerning experience I have ever had. The reason I chose Terrain, I have owned it for several yrs.y wife and I are older now and wanted a vehicle easy to get in and out of etc. etc. I share all of this just to say I don’t think there is a for sure a fix found yet and is a very serious condition.
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