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  1. Thank you Bill, you answered my question. The temps were getting down to 32. I wound up switching to the furnace, but did not know that the a/c heat pump worked that way. I am glad to know there is nothing wrong with my a/c units.
  2. I have 2 Coleman Mach A/C units which also have electric heat. I used them to heat our motorhome the first night with no issues. The second day they ran fine but that night they started to blow cold air. I shut them down and a few hours later turned them on and they worked fine all day into the night. Then sometime during the late night they started blowing cold air again. I switched over to propane heat and that went well. Are you supposed to use propane when it gets too cold or over prolonged periods? Is that possibly the reason the electric stopped blowing hot?
  3. Actually Roadmasters’ setup would be cheaper. And I think my setup is opposite yours. My MH has just the one stop/turn signal and my Jeep has a separate stop and turn signal. Roadmaster says to wire the stop/turn signal together for towing and not to wire the amber light. However when not towing the Jeep everything would be normal.
  4. I am trying to figure out how to wire an older Jeep Cherokee (1999 XJ) to a newer 2019 Southwind Motorhome. I have called trailer a couple of times and keep getting different answers. I called Roadmaster and gott an even different answer. part of the issues are: When the Jeep is off and I depress the brake, the brake light will light. Roadmaster says I need Roadmaster Brake-Lite Relay Kit for Towed Vehicles. while e trailer says there is no need for this but I will need Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter and 2 additional diodes. Roadmaster says this is not needed! Another e trailer representative says none of this is needed and to watch there video. BTW I am planning to install the Roadmaster Diode 7-Wire to 6-Wire Flexo-Coil Wiring Kit I am really lost on where to go with this. Also, when towing a car does the license plate need to be illuminated at night. If so will the tail lights automatically turn this light on?
  5. I'm looking at upgrading to a more permanent system. Options appear to be:- Splicing into the Jeep Cherokee Sport wiring with a diode kit- Using an 'add-a-bulb' kit that puts an additional bulb in each brake lightMy inclination is to use the 'add-a-bulb' option, as it creates a separate system for flat towing that doesn't alter the stock system.Anyone had any experiences with either of these options? If so, whose kit did you use?
  6. Any chance you have a picture of where you placed these boards?
  7. I have a Fleetwood Southwind and the dash is horrendous. It shakes and rattles so bad that the radio actually fell into the dash. I have heard this is a very common problem with Fleetwood. If anyone has any tips, pointers ideas on how to fix and where to start, it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. How long were the self tapping screws that you used. I am afraid of going through the sidewall.
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