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  1. If you’re fuel level is to low it will do that as a feature to keep you from running it empty
  2. Well that’s the plan for now I usually don’t use the brace lock on slide but will today till I get back to fix it Safe travels keith
  3. Yes I did look for debris nothing there I moved it in out several times I thought at first the rubber seal was folded but wasn’t that for this case I did fix that keith
  4. Damon dp mh large slide when I retracted the last Cg I thought seemed like it was slow when I did visual check I noticed at top front it was not sealed as flat as normal all three other corners seemed perfect it was out about 1/2 to 3/4 inch out I believe it’s a lipper brand but I’m not sure .. that’s what I got for leveling system , runs on electric though is there an adjustment should it be driven I’m in route to minot convention ... Thanks keith
  5. I did make the move I have 50 now so far so good knock on wood.. it was disappointing to have to move but I did I will have to commute for few days.. I wish I knew more about this lifestyle I am registered for minot basic seminar coach may have more gremlins I’m not aware of keith
  6. Ray I think your right I talked to a few others this morning all but one said they seemed to not have the normal amount to there’s one didn’t notice anything abnormal I guess I still need to learn what’s happening otherwise through the cycles so I know what to expect
  7. The air ran this morning in 10 minutes it changed to a full charge in about another 10 minutes running it reached level shut down 2 minutes later kicked in and shutdown immediately all lights went out it then said inverting 4 minutes later lights came on went 18 nothing running then to bulk charging two minutes down to 12 then says absorb charging then slowly going down in numbers steady at 9 now usually sits at 5 like I was saying I never could grasp the understanding of these units and I don’t want to hurt anything I appreciate all the help possible. Keith
  8. Norcold fridge and I have 4 6 volt batteries not understanding the inverter and charger and how it operates is probably part of my problem but I didn’t have any problem with ac till it got to be 3 rigs here the batteries are 2 months old and I did look to make sure they were full at this time it says float charging and will change to read something else off and on through the day keith
  9. What would have changed the digital gauge shows 25 on when usually 18 running off of electric I think I have just about everything else off now
  10. I will check in morning I believe when I hooked it up it said 112 but will confirm it is the inverter switch normally on the unit or somewhere else but as I understand whenever plugged in turn it off thanks Keith
  11. Another newbie question I have been in a campground for week 30 amp plug is all they have I have a Damon essence diesel mh .. the last 2 days were hot ac runs a lot 2 other mh moved in now ac just cycles on and off unless I run generator then I can run ac.. host said in conference that they had problems before when it’s hot and everyone is running ac but there are only 3 of us in a 14 stall park is it possible I have some other type problem I have little knowledge of the inverter operation I do have a surge plug on my cord it’s been reading eo and rest of numbers seem normal inverter when operating on electric says about 19 on generator it says 28 I try running very little when possible any help is much appreciated I’m learning it’s our first year with a mh always had fifth wheel before keith
  12. So far so good on leveling I did re-lube shafts and re-calibration I have 2 more stops this week hopefully all continues to work keith
  13. Yes to all cleaned full fluid learned that mistake once lippert hasn’t been able to help I might try redoing the calibration I did replace the batteries might need that one more item to try anyway
  14. 2009 Damon essence diesel with lippert Hydraulic leveling system
  15. Last few weeks I was out I would start leveling only front would till I tried second time then all worked properly . Now this week second stop only rear go down and I have to manually set front any help I’m not real knowledgeable on these hoping I can learn some in minot but for I will appreciate any clues Keith
  16. Thank you all just good start on some comparisons I need since it’s all new to me
  17. First time towing a toad 425 hp Cummins 2009 Damon essence Allison 3000 trans 82 degrees outside towing Jeep Grand Cherokee flat for most part temp was 180 to 199 degrees I was wondering what I should expect any help
  18. Were in Iowa so we like traveling from Michigan west basically we are signed up for minot. yes they were chapters I believe one from Wisconsin and Minnesota can’t remember off hand the third. we are flexible like sightseeing and just relaxing and visiting.
  19. I recently attempted to contact a couple Midwest groups listed for camping and haven't heard a reply from either of the 3. Can anyone tell me are the list current? I got off the list off the fmca website-- the contacts mostly through emails been approximately 4 months ago. Is there another source I could go to for current groups Keith
  20. Hey thanks that’s a lot appreciated keith
  21. thank you all i will try and locate for lubing. i am purchasing a set of tires so we can inspect the brake drum then keith
  22. I thought for sure they may have stuck but trucks ive driven with a similar brake before once loose your OK. But I've never received a chatter when applied after using either Where do you lube them? I haven't ever done that. keith
  23. I have started to go over my mh to prepare for summer trips I have a Damon essence diesel with air brakes. I had it running last week-- pressure built up so I released the brake and it acted like it was stuck on. After i revved up the engine it broke loose. I drove it to a shop to get oil and filters replaced it ran and acted fine. its never acted like it before but I haven't had it that long to know its only got 15k on it. I went to move it again week later and it did it again, I only moved it about 100 feet this time the brakes made a noise like they were sticking or or wanting to cling on. When I drive everything sounds fine just when I applied the brake. I wasn't sure if humidity was playing a part or not it has been wet as of late even at storage building. Keith
  24. Keithl

    battery bulge

    Considering a battery new 9 months earlier how often should a person check water level? I'm assuming the dealer checked before installation. but i think the dealer lacks in some of there service abilities.
  25. Keithl

    battery bulge

    Yes I see now that I probably should have checked water level before storage and checked level of charge just didn’t expect the batteries to break or bulge we store in an area that doesn’t get much below 30 degrees
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