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  1. We recently were stranded when our DPF system malfunctioned. We had bought our 2009 motorhome 6months earlier, and on our first trip noticed the engine check light would come on then go off. When I called the previous owner, he told me that it happened to him also, and was told was probably a bad sensor. Said to ignore it unless the other gauges showed hot engine, etc. We did drive a total of 5400 miles on the trip before major occurred. DPF light came on, then stop engine, and because we were on the way to a Freightliner facility to have it fixed, decided to keep going, only to have it shut down totally, stranding us for 5 hours waiting to be towed. Two weeks later, $10k lighter, and finding out new glow plugs in cased in new housings were replaced, just wondering if this happens and how often to other diesel engines. We have a CAT 9 425 hp 2009 pre DEF engine.
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