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  1. I have found a steering box for my RV at Wheller Truck Parts. It will take 5 days to come in but it is a new unit, not a reman. $1100 with my core, but problem solved. A reman was $900 and would take 10 days to make it and then another 10 to get it to the store. I elected to order the new one and drive 2 hours to the store, take my core in( worth $500) at the same time, so with tax about $1300 total. Hope this post will help someone else too. Thanks again for all of the help here!
  2. Thank you, rayon, for the information. I will start with them. I also understand they make a TRW change over kit for this. I found the rest of the number today on the steering box. It is a Sheppard M80PAW1 automatic adjusting. Any help on the TRW would be helpful too. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a 1996 Beaver Monterey 36 foot, Cat 3126, Allison Automatic DP. My sector shaft seal started pouring fluid out when I backed into my driveway to park the RV. I have been researching everything and everywhere for information on this M80 steering box from Shepherd. So far I have found that these M80’s are not as available as the M100. My Beaver has an SMC Magnum S series chassis, (S26A330, S24E250, S24E300), and I have found one place I can order a seal repair kit (#5543461). My problem is two things. I cannot locate any place that sells the Shepherd M80, and I can’t find the series number on the steering box as of yet, for the other numbers for the M80. I have taken photos of the box still on my unit which I will try to post here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The Dream Machine 1996 Cat 330DP
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