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  1. Several months ago, my husband and I purchased our first RV... 2010 Winnebago Aspect 30'... and today (after weeks of researching & shopping for a flat towable vehicle) we put a deposit down on a 2019 Buick Envision which we intend to use for our primary vehicle as well as our toad. We would like to get all the necessary towing equipment ordered as soon as possible so we can be outfitted to flat tow by Thanksgiving. We are having difficulty finding information regarding the correct base plate since the vehicle is so new but we are hoping Buick will have good news that the specs haven't changed from the 2018. We are interested in hearing about other RVers experiences regarding flat towing with this make/model RV and/or vehicle (even prior year models). Especially interested in recommendations for required towing equipment. Before we settled on which car we would purchase, we ordered the Roadmaster All-Terrain Falcon Tow Bar and the Roadmaster Invisibrake system... just waiting on getting the right tow plates for the new car before scheduling installation. As we have no experience with any of this, my husband is second guessing the Invisibrake system and is willing to scratch his entire order and start over, if necessary, while we can still get refunded. We intend to keep both the RV and the car for a long time so we want the optimal set up. We welcome any and all advise! Thank you in advance for helping us "Newbies" out!
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