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  1. Tom perhaps you made just one small wrong assumption. My contact with the gentleman, who had the answers for me, was outside of this blog. I had found his email address and year, make and model of his MH elsewhere on the internet, not through the FMCA site. His post was over two years old so I had no way of knowing: whether or not his email was still valid, he still owned the MH, or even if he was still alive!! etc. etc. Fortunately for me, it was, he does, and he is! Enough teasing! You're point about sharing info is very valid (though I did mention the specific answers that I was looking for in my earlier reply) so here's the link to Fleetwood's archived brochures and flyers. http://www.fleetwoodrv.com/frvlibrary/
  2. Thank you Brett, I just got an email from a fellow with a 2004 36E and he sent a link to Fleetwood's archives. Turns out 100, 58, and 42 respectively. (fresh, gray, and black)
  3. Just bought my first MH in October '09, on ebay. It came with all the manuals and pamphlets - but nowhere in them can I find listed the capacities of the three holding tanks. Anybody know? Thanks, Michael
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