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  1. I would get the coach weighed and know where you are at before adding all that weight off the end. I tow a full size truck behind my 94 Safari with 2 motorcycles in the bed keeping the weight of my coach rear end.
  2. I have found you can also cancel the RA feature from your insurance policy for a lower rate. I did this with my current policy which lowers my premium by $90 annually and I purchased the FMCA RA.
  3. I straightened or rather bent my door this afternoon and it now conforms to the door jamb and seals top to bottom. I used a square screw driver handle at the center and I had the DW push at the bottom while I pushed at the top. A couple of tweeks later and its all good now!
  4. I have a similar problem with the side entry door on my Safari. It closes fine and latches but there is a gap at the top. I used a string line to see how much the door was bent and found it was perfectly straight. Turns out the door jamb is bowed in the center which won't allow the door to seal at the top or bottom. You should be able to straighten the door with method you described just make sure its the door.
  5. I considered trying to get the $50 back but with no receipt and only a $50 transaction on my cc statement at a fast food fish restaurant I figured that was a non starter. You have to keep smiling I got to meet some interesting folks and the truck was done the next day at a very fair price!
  6. I'm new to the RV world and one the first things I looked at was roadside assistance and decided to go with FMCA. A few days ago my toad quit while driving down I 75 and I used my FMCA app to find the roadside assit number and made the call. The representative at FMCA was very good and promptly transferred my call to the company that manages the roadside assistance. I was holding for 12 plus minutes (not unusual in my experience) and then gave my info to the nice lady and then awaited my text for the arrival info on the tow truck. After 30 minutes of waiting and no text I decided to call back and again used the FMCA number (I didn't have the service provider number) and they again transferred my call. This time I waited 15 minutes listening to that scratchy "on hold" music over the phone. The very apologetic representative said the tow truck would there within 45 minutes and it was on the way. A few seconds later I received a confirmation text with the company name and drivers name. Now that a significant amount of time had gone by I called the garage that was selected to see if they would be open when we arrived...they would be closed. The driver arrived and we loaded the vehicle on the tilt bed and I asked if he knew of a nearby garage that I could be taken to that might be open. He made a call and found a shop that was further away but open and could get my vehicle in quick for diagnosis. The problem of course was it was not the original destination and we had to get authorization to change the towing to location. Again I called FMCA and they were very helpful but informed me that were having trouble connecting to the service provider and to go ahead and take the vehicle to the other garage location. The driver also could not reach the dispatcher to get authorization and finally I said l would would pay for the tow so we could get going. We arrived at the garage but the driver didn't take credit cards but would call his fast food fish restaurant and process the $50 tow bill through the restaurant. It's all good I felt the $50 was a fair deal and it got me out of a jam.The driver went on his way and the garage got my vehicle right in and called me a uber so I could get home about 20 miles away. Four plus hours later I got back to the RV and scraped up the cash (didn't take cards) and sent the driver on his way. Now this may appear to be a complaint but really i'm just wondering if this experience is anything similar to others out there? I have only used a towing service maybe 3 or 4 times in my life and this seems to my experience....a lot of waiting, missed or inability to connect with a provider and wishing I had universal language translator!
  7. There should also be a main inline fuse from the positive side of the house battery bank that may have blown. Generally the main fuse is within 16" of the battery itself.
  8. My wife and I are now full timing in our antique Safari motorhome DP. I get a kick out of the standard arguments about diesel vs gas coaches and especially the cost to maintain the diesel coaches. Yes a service for a DP coach will cost more...it holds more oil has a more robust fuel filtering system and even has a coolant filter ..oh my! Those differences are why an engine will last for many many miles. If your buying a coach for a couple years of travel go gas but if your looking at a longer commitment diesel is the way to go. Get what you want, for me a simple as a stone pre electronic diesel with conventional suspension and hydraulic brakes was what i wanted. Simple like me!
  9. Nice looking rig! My wife and I are in north Georgia on a 13 week assignment and we love Georgia! We full time in our motorhome and will finish up in December and hope to head further south for the winter.
  10. Our home is in the .Knoxville TN area and right now we are in north Georgia near Cleveland
  11. That looks great! I was always told the correct way to drive a detroit diesel was to first slam the door on your hand and then get in an drive!
  12. Aluminum wheels and everything that looks great! Is that a side radiator?
  13. Great looking coach, love these older Foretravels!
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