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  1. Richard5933 - I didn't think it was necessary to state the make and class of my RV since I was in the Motorhome Class A section of the forum. One could assume I had a Class A. But, I will - I have a Class A motorhome - Winnebago - Vista. At any rate, thank you for your advice and assistance. I appreciate it.
  2. I would if I could but I do not have a ladder on my coach and one cannot be added without a major overhaul - Winnebago consultation. So, I have been looking at alternatives. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I was hesitant to use rivets but could not find any information on the subject. I was planning to mount some hardware to support a detachable antenna. It is is not heavy but be subject to wind forces. The manufacturer recommends the use of rivets but that made me very nervous. If I decide to proceed I will use sealent and screws. I will also touch base with Winnebago about the project the see if it is feasible. Ray
  4. The skin of my RV is fiberglass. I assume it is about 1/8 inches thick maybe 3/16. I am concerned that the pop rivets may cause minute fractures in the skin that will get worse with age.
  5. sI am new to the RV life and I have a question about using rivets to attach items to the outer shell of the motorhome. Can this be done and is it the proper way to mount an item on the outside? I know that drilling holes and using screws is the standard way but I have not seen any information about using rivets.
  6. RaySowers

    Use of Jacks

    Thanks for all the suggestions. One of the first things I did was lube them.
  7. RaySowers

    Use of Jacks

    I am a new motorhome owner. I have been trying to find some indication of how long you should leave your RV leveled on its jacks. Does the length of time matter?
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