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  1. Both of the units mention above are 4 wire for gas diesel is 5 wire. But, what i need is where is the Bird unit located on a 2005 Alfa Founder.....please
  2. That is The Big Boy isolator which I was talking with AlfaTeers and it is when the engine is not running it isolates the chassis from house batteries so not to run chassis batteries down. When plugged in or on generator it charges the house batteries. The bird isolator is when engine runs....
  3. The bird has 5 wires this isolator let's the diesel engine alternator charge house batteries when driving down the road. The Big boy isolator near batteries isolate the house from engine while engine is not running and your plugged in or running the generator. The b.i.r.d is usually near the inverter/charger or near generator or in driver side outside compartments. Picture of BIRD
  4. Where is the Bird located !!!!! Not under steps, near generator.
  5. Trying to find the Bird isolator on my 2005 Alfa Founder 36 foot. When running generator or plugged in to shore power 13.5 volts to house batteries. When running engine only 12.5 volts at house batteries, but 14 volts at chassis batteries. All indication that bird isolator is bad. HELP.
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