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  1. Hi eric@babin.com, The main thing to tow any Jeep Cherokee is to make sure it came with an active drive 2 system that allows you to put the drive system in neutral. Cherokee’s with the TrailHawk package come with the active drive 2. It is an option on the rest of the Cherokee’s. To answer your questions I have only towed my 2019 Cherokee about 5000 miles and so far have not experienced any death wobble with no wiring harness installed. My brake system (Blue Ox Patriot) is the only thing that uses power from the Jeeps battery. So far I haven’t felt the need to add a charger although I shut the brake off at night and run the engine for 15-20 minutes every day while under tow. Ignition is off while towing. The tail and brake lights/blinkers are powered by a diode system from the Motorhome. I hope this helps. Bill
  2. We are using a diode system powered by the coach tail lights. We opted for the Blue Ox base plate and tow bar along with the Blue Ox Patriot brake system.
  3. I’m not familiar with the Elite version of the TrailHawk. The Blue Ox base plate is a 2 piece system that bolts up on the frame and where the front tow hooks bolt. The only trimming that needed to be done was to make room for the safety cable hooks to come thru the grill. i think I would call another installer just to confirm what the people of Camping World are telling you.
  4. The communication my salesman gave me was a Star online publication dated 5/22/18.tab b 08-040-18. if you scroll down in this thread you’ll see another discussion on the 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk. In that thread I quoted the letter. i hope this helps you.
  5. It is a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. Im on the road now towing it. I know it’s not far but we’ve towed it about 1000 miles and haven’t had any issues. The Patriot brake hasn’t made the battery go dead. I do shut it off at night and run the car for 15 minutes when we stop for an extended period just to charge it’s battery..
  6. Hi Houseofthedog, We have a 2019 Jeep Trailhawk with a Blue Ox tow bar base plate and Patriot brake system. I really like the base plate set up, nothing shows on the front except the electrical plug and the brake away switch. You are correct that the transfer case in neutral transmission in park parking brake off and ignition off. The Patriot brake system is pretty simple just hook it to the brake pedal move the seat up to to just touching the back of it plug it in push set and your done.. We had to have a plug added for the Patriot brake because the dash plugs aren’t hot without the ignition being on. The added plug needs to be powered by the vehicle battery because in the case of a breakaway if the Patriot were to loose power it might not apply the brakes to stop the vehicle. Before we bought the Jeep I had heard of the need to add a harness to be able to tow the Cherokee so I balked at buying it. My salesman came up with a service bulletin that basically says changes were made to the 2019’s and that they no longer will need the harness added. We really love the Trailhawk it’s a very comfortable car to drive. It’s getting 21-24 mpg and with the V6 in sport mode it can be a lot of fun! Bill and Penny
  7. Thank for the info manholt. I used to golf a little but not in a few years. I took up Fly Fishing and really enjoy Upland Bird hunting. My wife and I like to day hike and ride bicycles. And of course sight seeing.
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys! Unfortunately the GA rally this Spring is 2 weeks earlier than we will be coming north out of Florida so we wont get to experience a FMCA National Rally but I'm sure that one will be in our future. We are looking at a couple of regional chapters and will be checking out a couple of their get togethers next summer.
  9. WILDBILL308, This will be our 4th year heading to Florida. We have a Thousand Trails membership and plan on spending spending 6 weeks at probably 3 different TT parks. We’re also going to spend a month down near Punta Gorda. I think 2020 might see us in south Texas Arizona and Southern California. Thanks for the welcome!
  10. Sorry about that manholt! Yep spell check! Spell check! 🤬
  11. Thank you rossboyer and manhole! We are getting ready to head for warmer climates next month.
  12. Hello FMCA community! We are new to the Motorhome lifestyle. At the present time we call ourselves almost half timers. LOL We normally spend around 100 days traveling and hope to soon get up in the area of 150 travel days a year. This is our new Motorhome.
  13. Before we left to go pick up our 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk I sent my salesman an email explaining everything I learned here and that if I was going to cost me extra down the road I want to rethink my decision to purchase a Trailhawk. When I got there he handed me a piece of paper that stated the following: STAR ONLINE PUBLICATION Release Date: 05/22/18 Symtom/Vehicle Issue: Flat Tow Or Recreational Tow 2019 KL Cherokee Discussion: A recent update to tab 08-040-18 rev B removed the 2019 model KL from the list of applicable vehicles for the MoPar Accessory Flat Tow Performance Kit. 19 KL, in OEM equipment form, has improvements that does not require the MoPar Accessory Flat Tow Performance Kit to help stabilize the vehicle. <<<NOTE>>> 19 KL can be flat towed as long as it has the 4x4 (sales code 514) and Jeep Active Drive II (sales code DK4) without the MoPar Accessory harness being needed.
  14. Thanks for the welcome manholt. We pick up the car on Monday but after reading the owners manual from the link that Johnston posted it doesn't mention another wiring harness in the flat tow section. But it was my understanding that the owners manual in the 2014-2018 didn't say anything about needing one either. I was just wondering if Jeep had made a modification to the 2019's?
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