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  1. Thanks every one! Yet again I did something dumb......I turned the temp dial to max heat by mistake....I turned the thermostat down to the desired heat I like now. I'll be fine tuning the water temp for my wife too.... Thanks again for all your input!
  2. looks like its an enclosed water heater so I will not be able to attach the thermostat directly onto the true water heater wall.... Ill have to trick the thermostat some how?? not sure what to do at this point to keep the water from getting too hot.... Glad it didn't blow up last night!
  3. update.....last night the outside temps dropped down to 30 degs....I think the out side water line froze. I turned on the house water pump & then the cold water did get cold. That stinks, cause I don't think I can get direct access to the water tank? I'll have to start taking apart the surrounding cabinetry to get access?
  4. Hello, I consider my self as a jack of all trades master of non.........now after this, I need to come up with a new saying......I`m feeling really dumb right now. I just installed a Hybrid heating kit into my 6 gallon hot water tank. I did nothing with the water lines & followed the supplied directions to the T. So I was happy when I turned on the supplied on/ off switch and the water started to warm up (very slow). I then waited for approx 3 hrs for very hot water, too hot so I turned the thermostat all the way down to as far as it would go. I don`t want scalding hot water. By this time it was getting late, so I figured I'll leave it on all night & check the water temp in the morning. The next morning I turned on the hot water at the sink & it was scalding hot! I then turned on the cold water and that was scalding hot as well....... 1) I placed the thermostat onto the outer casing of the hot water tank so the thermostat is not touching the actual hot water tank? Causing the scalding hot water? 2) This is the one that makes me feel very dumb........how can both the cold/ hot water be hot?? when I did nothing with the water lines?
  5. wow... its really hard to believe. The braided 8"stainless steel connector hose was the problem the whole time! it was not kinked at all as far as I could see. I even straighten it out with no success. I ended up replacing the braided line with a 6" regular white plastic line & all is good now. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks Rich, I will do every thing I can to eliminate this issue, so I will replace that water line. Thanks Ray for the parts info.... Happy New Year!
  7. Rich, Oh am I dumb!!!!! why didn't I try that while it was apart!! here we go again! lol Kay...., Yes its a small 6-8" braided stainless steel hose.....I'll fiddle with that before I take it apart again.... Thanks! Yahoo!!! finally getting some where I think... So I tested the valve still connected to water line but removed the vacuum breaker line. Very little water spewing out of the valve as I press it manually. I'm guessing, that does lead me to a faulty valve. If so, why am I going through so many valves, just seems ridiculous.
  8. Rich, When I take everything apart, most all excess residual water comes out of the water line its self, not from the (toilet) toilet valve. I wish I knew exactly how the vacuum breaker works. I tried pushing the vacuum breaker open & close while I operate the flush pedal, I see no difference.......
  9. go figure.... currently closed for the holiday....lol
  10. OK, still not flushing..... 1) Disconnected water supply from the toilet. check both city water & RV water both flowing water out of water line that was disconnected from back of toilet. 2) Removed water valve from back of toilet. cleaned it out (no debris at all & didn't need cleaning that I could see). Clean as a whistle, also blew through it both ways as I pushing in the valve. appeared to be working flawlessly. 3) Replaced water valve back into toilet & connected water lines. Still no flushing water. I can see & hear everything wants to work but still no flushing action. 4) Calling Domtic today & to try & find out what is going on. Hope they can put me through to a real teck person that can explain. I don't want to be told just "replace the valve". I would like to know EXACTLY how this toilet works. If I am going to have to be constantly replacing this valve. I will just remove the toilet & throw it directly into the Dumpster. As I mentioned in the original post, I though I purchased a sparkling brand new toilet. Guess I did......you know the old saying "if its not broken, don't *&%$ with it" lol
  11. Kay, I have one of those smaller brass water pressure couplings. Wild, Yes the valve directly inserted & connected into the back of the toilet. I have no Idea what my water pressure is. I will look into a better water pressure gauge. Rich, Yes, that could be the issue? The last time I removed the valve & water line I tried to watch for debris falling out, but as you probably know water is inevitable everywhere when one removes such items. lol The screen did look clean, I realize any debris might have flushed out on disassembly. So my next 2 steps will be: 1) Remove city water & try RV water pump alone. That "should" rule out a water pressure issue. I believe already tried this but will xx check. 2) Remove valve again, inspect/clean screen. Also his time I will turn on the water & let it flow into a bucket to flush out water lines. I have to say, I really dislike like taking the valve off constantly because it involves removing the toilet from the floor. (Toilet is so close to the back wall) argggg.....I have to keep telling myself "I could be back to working full time 8 hrs a day m-f slaving away! so this should be absolutely nothing to complain about!" lol Thanks for helping!
  12. Hello, I have a newer Domedic 310 toilet. I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out why it will not flush water. Yes I have out side & inside water going to it. tested both by disconnecting water line with water gushing out! lol Some times it works some times it doesn't, driving me nuts. I've got a feeling this toilet is water pressure sensitive? I replaced my old 15 year old toilet that never failed (just ugly) with this new toilet & now wish I never have! I already replaced the water valve 2 times, it works great for a few months then starts acting up again....., this will be the 3rd water valve..... What am I missing???? Thanks
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