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  1. Thanks for the velcro idea. Don't know if this will cover or not but will give it a try. I will probably have to add a tab or knob or something to grab so I can pull it open when needed but that is easy. Thanks for the idea - will let you know how it turns out.
  2. Thank you all for the suggestions. The panel & screws are the current attachment method and I believe each of the posted suggestions can work to preserve/repair the screw in version. What I am hoping to find is a way to attach the panels that does not use screws. I don't want to keep putting a bandage on a seldom accessed panel but if I cannot find a better attachment mechanism I will definitely apply these solutions. Thanks!
  3. I have a FR Forester and to winterize it I remove 2 fiberboard panels (4 screws each) to access the valves and siphon hose to winterize. The panels are cheap fiberboard and the screws are beginning to wallow out. Has anyone found a different (hopefully better) method to attach the panels so they stay in place (one is in the kitchen area in walkway) and yet allow easy access when needed ? I can see this only getting worse as they get older. I appreciate any advice you can offer this newbie here. Thanks
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