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  1. Hi Bill, I have a 2018 Forrest River Legacy, model 34A. I am located north of Austin TX. thanks! Jeff
  2. I have a 2018 motorhome with an Allison transmission and Cummins diesel engine (340HP, 6.7L). The coach has 8,000 miles on it. My last two trips, the transmission light indicator has popped on after I travel 100+ miles. I then lose power. I was using the cruise control and would leave the cruise control on, even when it was not in use. When I removed the cruise control, the transmission and power all seemed ok. Until my last trip, when on the last mile of the trip (this was a 360 mile trip), the transmission indicator light popped back on and I started to lose power again. I also flat tow a 4,400 pound cross over vehicle. My trips have been in the Texas hill country and in Colorado. So there is never many flat surfaces. I typically would use the cruise control for the majority of my travel. I expect I need to take it to an Allison deal for service. There is a fright liner service center near me for this. I assume the warranty may need to be used. I am asking if anyone has had similar experiences or has any suggestions on service. thank you
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