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  1. I'm looking at a 2021 class C based on a 2021 Ford E450 with the 7.3 L engine. It looks to be a great unit but it has a standard Ford radio which is a POS. I didn't know they were still making AM/FM pushbutton radios anymore. This thing is right out of the 1960's. The only feature the radio has is Bluetooth for a smart phone. So it is possible to connect your phone for music and the Ford has steering wheel controls for volume, voice commands, and on/off hook. Pretty simple. I have checked Best Buy, Crutchfield and Car Toys but there does not appear to be a simple replacement and none of these outlets has any information on mounting hardware or adapter cables to retain the steering wheel features. Online I see some RV's based on the 2021 Ford E450 that have modern infotainment systems but I can't make out what the brand they use, or whether or not they support the Ford steering wheel controls. The steering wheel controls look just like lots of other Ford vehicles so there should be an adapter cable available somewhere, probably for another Ford vehicle. Has anyone updated one of these fossil radios? If you have could you tell me what brand and what is involved?
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