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  1. Thanks all- sorry new to forum. American Coach 2013 Revolution. My coach has charger/inverter so I will run a line and dial down to 15a. It will float charge as needed. Thanks for the help. Heading out there to set it up.
  2. I found the profile settings thanks! Yes I have a constant draw on my coach. Do you hook up a separate external battery charger to your house battery and then another to your chassis?
  3. I keep my class A in a storage area and they recently added a power outlet for me to plug my coach in (YAY!) while in storage. i usually turn all kill switches to off when storing. My question is should I leave it plugged up the entire time and then if so, should l leave all my kill switches on? My other thought is I could leave heat on low setting help prevent freeze. My thought is go plug it up a few days before I would leave on a trip and let everything charge up. What would you do?
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