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  1. J-- yes, I have some work to do on the MH before getting out on the road. I've looked at your blog many times prior to my current need to purchase new tires. May I just say, "WOW", you know your stuff!! Thank you for offering your expertise to us--especially as a newbie to the MH world. I'm still in research mode but will be purchasing soon. Discovering that I'm a little limited in dealers that work with MH's and 22.5" in my area. Just a couple do FMCA tire program, so guess I will go talk to them about their recommendations to my specs. I have a couple other places to ask also.
  2. I have duels. That last section on the cert. tag is blank. When talking to Am. Coach tech yesterday, he confirmed that I need two different sized tires for my motorhome. And good eye on the load range. I never noticed that. And interesting(scary) that the current tires from previous owner are not that.
  3. Thanks! I will look at them and then ask the tire place when I talk to them.
  4. Five... I have been looking at this. Very good info. It's what got my attention to the tires I currently have on. Thanks for the link.
  5. Richard, definitely going to do this. Much to consider beyond them going 'round! Brette, I'll be insistent on the DOT date. A later question will be about TMS, but I'll read through the posts first🤔😃
  6. I just talked to Spartan and Am Coach. Spartan said the MH left them with 275/70/R22.5. As bad tires and weight of coaches situations arose, recommendations changed, thus the new sticker with two sizes. American Coach (Fleetwood)tech looked it all up, and I do, indeed, need two different size tires that are listed on the Federal Certification Tag in my motorhome. So, I can't ask the previous owner why his chose the one larger tire all around as he's deceased. I go with the company's word. Now the search is on for those sizes in a safe tire that won't completely break the bank. Merry Christmas to us! I have been reading the threads here, and it just seems to vary as to tire preferences. If anyone esp. driving similar MH wants to chime in, I'm listening and note taking. Thanks!!
  7. I really haven't gotten into all of the driving, etc. yet. Buy motorhome, life happens and you wait, but now it's time to figure out our MH. Put money on new ball joints, bell crank, etc. Time for more safety and new tires. Thanks for your input. I'm giving Spartan a call
  8. currently Yokohama 295/75/R22.5....they look good but dangerously out dated '09's!😲
  9. Brett, thanks. I have started getting FMCA pricing and I will compare to other brands, etc. Just want to make sure I'm getting the correct size: too much money to be wrong. So, the two tire sizes listed on the RV plate, do I need different sizes for the "front" vs. the"intermediate" as that picture showed. Confused as to why we're rolling on one size all around when it states two.
  10. Good afternoon! It's time for us to buy tires for the motorhome before venturing out on our first real trip. Current tires from previous owner are Yokohama Super Steel, RYO 83A, size 295/75/R22.5, G rated. These are on the 2 front and outside rear dual tires, with the inside duals having some kind of Firestone.(in storage so I can't confirm which) My questions: 1.) Are these outdated tires the correct choice for size, as the ID tag inside the MH (see picture) seems to be giving other sizes? 2) does my MH need two different sizes, as indicated by the ID tag or am I reading it wrong? 🤷‍♀️
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