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  1. Finally made it back to the forum. Thanks for all the responses. My RV is a 2015 that was originally purchased in October of 2015. I assume the King antenna and Winegard Roadtrip Mission (at least that's what the on/off switch has on it) and the King /Jack were purchased and installed. I tried the OTA feed a couple of weeks ago when it was parked next to my house. I received 8 digital OTA channels with the antenna booster only on and when I turned on the King attenuator along with the booster, I only received 2 of the original 8 digital channels but they were extremely clear. This reception was on the TV in the bedroom, but I received nothing on the TV in the living area. I finally remembered that I did have a warranty on the RV with a $200 deductible to cover the replacement of the antenna if that is what's needed, so this morning I took it to the Grezeny's in Bradenton, FL to have it checked out. I'll check with them to see if they can tell me what carrier was previously installed in the MH.
  2. We're going to retire soon and have a class A with a King tracking satelite system already installed, however, we do not have a provider yet. I need to learn the correct terminology and will gladly take advice concerning most affordable, easy to use service. Any help would be appreciated.
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