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  1. Bill - I contacted them at the suggested number and the XIZ is not what I want (24 ply truck tire). The XRV is in small quantities right now. They have some in Nevada. I'll see what my dealer says about this.
  2. Correct, Richard, I think they have none of these tires in THEIR system so he's leading me towards another tire which I think is not the correct tire for me. Michelin found 27 XRV's in Reno, NV., and very few around the country. On further investigation with Michelin, the XIZ is a 24 ply truck tire rated for ice, snow, rain. Not what I'm looking for.
  3. That's where I started originally. The dealer found them but said they were unavailable. He found the X incity Z (XIZ), tho. Not on the Michelin site but in the Book.
  4. Bill, somewhere on the Michelin site is an RV menu. The link you showed me is truck, and it didn't show my size there either.
  5. Authorized FMCA dealer, and FMCA directly when I registered for tire program.
  6. I'm buying new tires through FMCA (305/70/R22.5). My local participating Michelin dealer is recommending Michelin XIZ. My current XRV's are not showing up in their inventory. The X Incity Z is. Maybe the XIZ is replacing the XRV? This XIZ sounds like a good tire: quiet, smooth riding, and rotatable. Just curious if anybody has any experience with these tires.
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