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  1. Did that inside the ATS box but I’ve been wondering if the cable right at the male connector has been strained at too much of an angle & there’s a problem under the cable sheathing...
  2. Yes, did a retorque following the sequence. What is confusing is when the shore power drops out the ATS flashes (1of the two tiny LED’s on the cover), which indicates a problem, if I recycle everything the ATS clears & then I start the generator for a while & the shut down the gen the ATS works as designed, switching on shore power in 30 seconds. How long it stays on shore w/o flaking out is unknown/random.
  3. Fleetwood 2018 Diesel. 50 AMP Service. When setting up I check power source/pedestal w good meter then plug in Progressive EMS Surge for “extra” protection (I know, some say not needed). EMS surge checks power, shows good & cycles on. Built in Surge Guard 40350 RVC model Automatic Transfer Switch won’t trip. Wait 10-15 mins go through plug-in cycle again & now have power. Power stays “up” for an extended time & suddenly drops out. Has nothing to do with load, happens at various times regardless of what is drawing power. Coach is 18 months old and has done this since new but it seemed it only happened at State Parks, never in an “upscale” RV neighborhood. At least that was what the Surge Guard helpline folks suggested. I’m beginning to think it might be either the board in the ATS. Anyone else experience this? Had it back to the dealer before 1st yr warranty period expired but they couldn’t duplicate but they only have 30AMP service. Perplexing but good news yesterday power stayed up for 24 hours while we sat out a cold/rainy Saturday! And yes the generator works fine.
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