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  1. How did the Rubicon do back there? Any issues with tracking or jerking with those off road oriented tires? I’m considering a Wrangler Unlimited as a toad and would go Rubicon if I do. Might as well go all in!
  2. Please explain. My GCWR is 42k. (32 GVWR on the axles, 10 on the hitch) I’ll be rolling 30/6 for a GCW of 36k, well within the manufacturers described limits.
  3. Yes. I drove 6 and 10 wheel straight body tankers all through college and am not concerned with the physical size of the set up. My concern is the ability of the 360 motor to adequately haul 30k lb worth of mh and pull 6k worth of toad. Planning on cross country travel and ability to get up and down Appalachians and Rockies.
  4. Hi all, I have a Nexus 40D on order with an ISB360 and an Allison 3000. Can anyone with a similar sized unit and drivetrain attest to the pulling power for a toad? I’m looking at pulling an suv weighing 5,000 or 6,000 lb. Want to make sure I’m not overloading the drivetrain from a usability standpoint (I know I’m within max parameters). Thanks, Shawn
  5. Hi, f474120, question about towing the Explorer. I know about circulating the fluid before towing and disconnecting the battery. I’m good with that. My question is- does the toad register miles on the odometer when you’re pulling it down the road? My guess is no, but I want to confirm before I buy a $50k suv.
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