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    Our interest is include traveling in our motor home, cooking and talking to others about their travels as well as the internet and my wife just took up sewing and loves to make quilts.
  1. MY wife and I have slowly made our way up to our Class A Motor Home and love it. When we first me we both had a small tent, When to started dating I bought a small coachmen pop-up that had a small double bed on each end with just an icebox and a three burner stove and we loved using it almost every weekend while we were dating and used it for 2 years, until I seen a larger Rockwood Pop-up for sale that was almost double the size of our first one and had small frig and a three burner stove and a closet. We used this pop-up for the next three years. Then while I was traveling for work I seen an old Frolic Travel Trailer, This time I had learned not to come home with a new toy without asking first. So I called her and we talked it over. We put our Rockwood pop-up in the local newspaper and it sold that night. So we went the next day and bought our travel trailer and pulled it home. We thought we would have this for a few more years and maybe move up to a larger travel trailer. Over the next four years we used this travel trailer until I injured my back driving semi, and it was too hard to get it hooked up to the truck and get it leveled when we made it to our campsite. So we started looking and found a very nice used Class A motor home that was for sale. It was bigger then we planned on going until we were older, But the price was less then we were looking at spending so we bought it and have loved every minute we have used it. After driving semi's and commercial buses it is very easy to drive park everywhere we have been in it. I love it and would not selling (Unless I bought a bigger one) Our current motor home is 31 foot and for just the two of us in our 40's it is perfect. I agree fuel costs are the worst part of owning one, But we know it would get about 8 MPG, So we plan ahead before we go and will like most owners travel shorter distances and stay close to home except for one or two big trips per year. We joined FMCA last year and love reading the stories and talking to other FMCA members about their travels. Bob
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