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  1. I am having a similar issue....when we depress the parking brake valve, you can hear the air brakes and no alarm......light parking brake light is lit, we are in neutral, but once we select Drive, the audible alarm goes off....I can release the service brake and off we go, so am wondering why the parking brake alarm is going off when the brakes are clearly not engaged.... We could for a time simply turn off the ignition, wait a few minutes, start it back up, release the parking brake, idiot light goes out, put it in Drive and the all is well....now that no longer works. We are enroute from TX back home to FL....any assistance or insight would be most helpful, as we're afraid to move forward with the light and alarm going off, but we are clearly able to move without resistance.... Eddie Gerlach. 321-297-2301
  2. jleamont, my axle weight is lighter than yours?....cool...was under the impression the front axle weight on my 38PBS was much more than I had anticipated...BTW, thank you for your review....agree with Richards's suggestion to grab a full weighting with fuel, propane and fresh/black capacities to ensure we're good to go, but given that I'm picking up the RV and going straight to the tire shop tomorrow morning, I am hoping that the larger footprint implies a larger capacity.. you have been very instrumental and helpful in reassuring my fears....my brief newbie experience on FMCA has been nothing short of breath-taking spectacular....
  3. so sorry for my confusion, jleamont...I am getting the 295/75's for the same price, $390/tire, DOT code 3718, so they are about 5 months old...Beasley Tire (Adam) said it would not be a problem to honor that same price....and that was the same size tire that is on it now (Michelin ZXE2+, 275/70R/22.5)....little did I know I was operating on VERY borrowed time, especially when you consider I have TILE floors throughout and Cherry cabinets....it's truly a blessing I haven't had a tire issue sooner...but she hasn't seen much asphalt since 8/2016... hope this helps and welcome any suggestions or validations...just want to be sure I am making the right decision, I am a safe steward and member going down the road...thanks again! Just looked at the sheet...now I know why I could run 275/70's.......Michelins are stout....the capacity for those 295/80's are almost 800 lbs per tire..... Am I just being way too anal retentive? Eddie G.
  4. richard5933, yes, I have 8.25" Alcoa rims...as far as the actual weigh of the coach, it is empty right now, which is a good thing, as I'd be estimating ( or guessing! XD ) as to a dry weight of the vehicle as it sits now..I have attached the 6th page of the 2000 Monaco Windsor for reference...am I in trouble? It seems if my Hankooks handle 6136 lbs per side, I won't even have enough for the front axle according to this, correct? Again, thank you for the assistance.. 2000_Windsor_GVWR.pdf
  5. jleamont, I have attached the pdf for the Hankook..it looks as if I should very good to go, as it seems the capacity/characteristics are identical to tall commercial rubber (11R24.5)..the ratings on the 6 I'm purchasing (#3002512) seem good and capable...if you would be so kind as to review what I have attached, I'd be forever grateful...and thank you again for everything... Hancook_Quote_22819.pdf Hankook_Leaflet_AH37.pdf
  6. Hi, ya'll! here's what I found for the Hankook as far as Load and Rating is concerned...am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? The tires are awaiting my arrival in the morning, hence my 'heightened state of awarness'... Hankook_Leaflet_AH37.pdf
  7. tireman9, Now I'm starting to regret my decision...according to the FMCA site, a 'regional tire', Hankook, AH-37, 295/75R/22.5, #3002152, is available for purchase....and I thought I researched until I'm now dizzy over it..but I am now reading if I decide to stay in it (a regional tire, for example) for more than 5-6 hours down the road, this thing might come apart? I apologize for my fatalist side...first realizing my coach needs larger tires, then attempting to validate Load, Rating, etc..and also going with something else besides a Michelin....and I thought this was going to be a relatively smooth experience. 😛
  8. thank you, jleamont...I will check the Hankook tire site to doubly check, but must admit am having challenges....so much going on and it's just not sinking in...beginning to think I may have made an incorrect decision..... wolfe10, I am attempting to locate the load capacity for the Hankook AH-37 and am finding it difficult....guess I am not the best at Googling things....
  9. well, I believe I have it figured out....any input and guidance is most appreciated, as I didn't think this would be so difficult....I have 8.25 Alcoa rims and am leaning towards the Hankook AH37's..only issue is according to their website, it needs a 9" rim? Beasley Tire said they put 295 or wider on 8.25's all the time, so there's that....and it's what Jim has suggested (but can't find a 295/80 option, so am getting the 295/75 option...) I'm picking the RV up in the morning and will gingerly take her down IH-35 to Beasley Tire to get the work done....unless anyone has any objections ( and please shout out if you do!), this is the decision I've reached...thanks to everyone for their support and insight....I trust this is the correct decision.... Eddie
  10. jleamont.....thank you for your insight...and the new thread...I was simply going to put the same brand and size back on until I spoke with Jim from Source Engineering...and yes, if price was excluded from the conversation, I would choose a Michelin as well, but unfortunately, in this instance, it is, as we have other repairs needed to the Monaco...
  11. wow! well done...I am brave enough to admit my limitations...XD just spoke with Jim over at Source Engineering and he said I need to put on the 295/80's, as this is what Monaco went to a couple of years after releasing the Windsor...told me it would be a mistake put back on the 275/70's, ( and I am shuddering to think I've driver cross country in those!) so it's back up to New Braunfels to get the rim size and determine proper inflation...he told me clearance would not be a problem, but being new to the RV world, I can't help but err to the side of caution with replacing like for like, as it's all I know....so now I need to see if I can get a good deal that size and get it done...
  12. jleamont.....thank you for your insight...and the new thread...I was simply going to put the same brand and size back on until I spoke with Jim from Source Engineering...and yes, if price was excluded from the conversation, I would choose a Michelin as well, but unfortunately, in this instance, it is, as we have other repairs needed to the Monaco...
  13. wow...that is rather eye-opening, going from the 275/70/R22.5 that are on it now to the 295/80/R22.5 that Jim has proposed...am awaiting word from Evergreen as to the rim size on the Alcoa before proceeding....
  14. thank you for the resource, Bill...sitting here in San Antonio and needing to make a decision soon as to size and type of tire today.....was planning on leaving back to Tampa this weekend, but may wait until Monday if I can't get this sorted today...cheers!
  15. well, that is also a good point...I have the Alcoa Accurides on there now....will ask Evergreen if they could verify rim size for me....thanks.....will continue with the research...whew!
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