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  1. Thanks again. I'll check the electrical connection for corrosion this evening and if I feel brave I'll remove the sensor.
  2. Thank you jleamont. If the differential pressure sensor is bad would the warning light come on intermittently? And the light goes off when I hit a bump and may not come back on for a couple of hundred miles. Should I remove the differential pressure sensor and clean it? Can you tell me where it would be located on the ISL 400? I appreciate your help. Steve
  3. Thanks everyone. I found a place to read the codes. There was a code that showed up in the history. 129 times. I can't remember the code number but it said 5 volt went low. Then it listed accelerator position sensor, differential pressure sensor, after treatment diesel particulate filter, or 5 volt power supply from ECM. I can't find any wires going to the differential. The accelerator position sensor had a screw missing that mounted the sensor to the accelerator. I replaced the screw. And I'm not sure what is meant by the after treatment diesel particulate filter. A dust cap over the brake assembly in the picture makes sense. While I was under the coach I happened to see where 3 wires (a blue, yellow, and white) were chewed up by one of the slide out gear teeth. I repaired those wires and zip tied them away from the gear. I guess it's time for another test drive.
  4. Thank you corkey05. I was hoping something was missing and it solve my warning light issue. Thanks again, Steve
  5. I've been chasing an intermittent "warning" light on the dash of my 2008 Holiday Rambler Endeavor. I was looking behind the dash for a loose connection and saw the brake pedal assembly appears to have something missing. I'll attach a picture. Is there supposed to be a switch here that the center pin would actuate? Steve
  6. Thanks Brett, I have been reading online about the ABS sensors. I think the rain is supposed to be over this afternoon for a few days. So maybe I can crawl under the coach. Also do you have any experience with code readers for these motorhomes? I don't think it would be worth it for me to spend thousands of dollars, but if the cheaper ones are any good, I think I would like to invest in one. Steve
  7. Thanks jleamont. It's odd that the light will go out when I hit a bump. I drove probably 200 miles last Saturday without seeing the light come on at all. I guess the next step is to take it somewhere and have the codes checked.
  8. Thanks Brett. I have had several switches all through the coach that haven't worked. All have been issues with ground wires. Since my warning light goes out when I hit a bump in the road, do you think I may have another ground wire issue somewhere? It's funny the light on the dash only says Warning with no other indication. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks wolfe10. I appreciate your help. When I did the Allison test, I pushed the up and down arrows twice. It brought up d1 -- --. Then I pushed the mode button and it went to d2 -- --. I continued pushing the mode button through to d5 -- --. So I should be good right?
  10. If I did the transmission diagnostic test correctly, there were no codes for d1, d2, d3, d4, or d5. It was raining here so I didn't get a chance to look at ABS wiring or resistance checks on the sensors. Always tomorrow. Yes, WILDBILL308 that was the Cummins site I went to, then logged in with user name and password. Thanks everyone.
  11. I went to the Cummins site and put in my serial number then went to data plate. It has engine build date is June 25, 2007. Does that help?
  12. If I remember right, the build date was August of 2007. It must have sat on a lot somewhere for over a year. The first time it was purchased was May of 2009. Either because of the problems of 2008 or because the shorter coach was not desirable.
  13. I just saw online how to check the transmission for diagnostic codes. I'll try that this afternoon. Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the replies. It just says warning on the very left of the dash. I do not know if the Allison transmission was ever serviced. According to the keypad test the transmission fluid is not low. The coach has a little over 55,000 miles. It has about 3000 miles and 5 months since it was serviced according to the previous owner. Is there any test to check the ABS system? Thanks again.
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