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  1. thanks, I"ll give that a try
  2. skgershey


    trying to set up my 2001 explorer sport trac as a toad....I purchased ford kit (249.00) to make it towable 4 wheels down. What a RIP-OFF, when ordering the kit they fail to mention the need to reprogram the trans control module at the dealer... 100$ more! Haven"t had that done yet. My question is...to enable 4 wheel tow the instructions say turn on engine, shift into 4w auto, put trans in neutral, depress brake push 4x4 auto hold for 5 seconds. 2001 spt trac has a rotary switch for 4x4 how do I "pus" a non existant button? Anybody run across this before? Between brake buddy, tow bar, switch kit, programming, I am into it for 650$ aand at the end of the proverbial rope.
  3. Thank you to all the replies and ideas posted by some pretty knowledgeable people. It's been an education. It would seem after going over all posts that this is a common occurrence in just about any motorhome. One comment in particular I found to be all to true..."the only thing that works on a motorhome is the owner" Hands on is still the best teacher! After much trial and error I decided to install onboard battery maintainer. Batteries not a problem since. Have added to my onboard toolbox, test lights, hygrometer, digital meter, etc. On to new things like setting up the toad.
  4. I have a 2014 ACE 27.1 with a gremlin in the system, emailed thor service, they sent 4 pages of schematics via email. Granted it takes a masters degree to read em but they sent with no problem. Suggest you start with mfg customer service.
  5. skgershey


    have a thread going for electrical gremlins...several respondents have asked for photos. How do I post phots from my Samsung cell phone?
  6. new battery is in the engine compartment behind rt headlamp assy. second battery (house?) right side compartment with the pump assy for leveling.. not sure how to post photos yet...guess it would help to learn. Good point to check both for bad cell. I will get a hygrometer this w/e
  7. only has one other battery I can find....it is in the compartment with the auto level system jack pump.
  8. have what may be a dumb question.....read ford chassis manual, if battery removed necessary to have computer "relearn" for optimum performance. True? If so a disconnect switch would require procedure each time?
  9. have checked all but bridge switch for emergency start power. rt side entering door ...5 switches, top-inside lights, porch lite .Bottom row awning, step, annnnd, battery disconnect use/store. Anybody know what use/store switch does ? went thru owner manual page by page, wife too, no mention at all!
  10. thanks to all the responses.....battery is new, clean. suspected steps all along but doesn't explain 1100 mile trip home with everything operating normal. the test light flicker is still throwing me.....gonna pull the step plug and go from there. okay, not sure what I did but test lite between positive post terminal and disconnected cable barely glows. radio and tv standbys may be the draw...?hooked everything back up will see if dead tomorrow.
  11. thanks for the reply, not the house battery, chassis battery keeps dying. trying a multimeter tomorrow to see how much draw I have. Had this problem with my class c, finally traced to auto step module, not the case here
  12. Recent purchase of 2014 Thor ACE 27.1. Picked up in Florida , drove 1100 miles home without incident. Home two weeks went to start...battery dead. New battery was installed before drive home, charged battery, almost dead next morning. Removed neg cable put 12 v test light between battery and cable, lights up pretty bright indicating draw with everything off, microwave off, tvs unplugged, test light pulses, this is driving me nuts, usually pretty good at these things.....any suggestions beyond pulling fuses one by one????
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