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  1. Thx. From Idaho. Traveling all around the country clockwise. Currently in SC.
  2. On my Niagara both metal hubcaps (small like a metal cup) are really loose and rattling and I can't figure out how to tighten or remove. Suggestions? Also, are drum brake pads for these 14" wheels hard to find on the road (we're on a 8k mile trip)? Are there cross reference numbers to car or truck brake pads that we can tell the auto parts stores so they can look up? Thanks so much.
  3. New to the group and forums. Joined so I could get MIFI for our trips. Spent and hour and a half last night with Verizon but finally got it ordered and picked up my jetpack today at the local store. Any tips on keeping track of your data usage when you're already a Verizon customer and you already have an app/widget on your android phone that tracks your phone's data usage? IOW- my jetpack is on a "sub account" through Verizon- can you monitor just that to see if you're getting close to the 25mb limit?
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