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  1. Got it done and everything works except a front headlamp. Turns out a prior owner broke some plastic clips and tried to fix it with plain masking tape. New headlight is on its way to me. The VW tows well behind my RV. The installers did a good job.
  2. It is funny how when you own a toad , you have to change your perspective. As an example My new RV needs some warranty work where Ill have to leave it for a few days. I was thinking I'd have to impose on a buddy to come with me to give me a ride home as the dealer is an hour and a half from me. Then I realized, dummy, hook the toad to the RV and drive yourself home!
  3. I've decided to go with a local guy here who has been highly recommended by my RV club. He will be using a Roadmaster set up with a Brake Buddy. He does it all including lights and a charge line. Thanks for all the input!
  4. I had a 2008 Aspect 26A. I'd be happy to answer any questions. I sold it and now am in an Entegra Esteem 29V. The Aspect was a nice rig. I especially liked that there was room behind the driver's seat to put it all the way back. The quality was pretty good. I had full body paint and mine came from AZ so there was some significant clearcoat peeling on the roof sides and front cap. I am a big guy 6' 250 and I found the commode very tight. The shower is also on the small side but somehow we made it work. Mine had every option including window awnings and Sat TV. I would have kept it and still had it today if my wife hadn't gotten sick. They are nice rigs and pretty well built. I liked the slide out pantry and the roomy u shaped dinette. It was the only dinette that I found comfortable. The rocker chair also unbolts and can be moved about the cabin. Good Luck!
  5. Yes, my 2007 Beetle has power brakes.
  6. Thanks Herman. I'm not sure if my VW has power brakes or not. I'll check it out in a few days. I am recovering from a bout of AFIB which landed me in the hospital on Friday. Also Texas is a ways from me as I live in the Great Northwet ie the greater Seattle area.
  7. I bought a 2007 VW Beetle. It doesn't have much optional stuff and is a manual 5 speed but it only had 76,000 miles and I got it cheap. I have just started my research on the tow equipment. Demco seems to have everything for the Beetle. I an looking at a "stay and Play?" brake system. I think that is what it was called. It is a permanently installed system. I am open to suggestions.
  8. Just joined. I have been an RVer since 2004. I have had 2 trailers and 2 Class Cs one of which I have now. My wife and I enjoyed the RV very much. Sadly she was stricken with spinal cancer which robbed her of her mobility for 2.5 years and finally took her life last November. We discussed what my plans would be after her passing and she gave me some advice and her blessing. I sold our house, rented a small apartment and bought a very nice, brand new, Entegra Esteem Class C last month. I have been on 1 trip to the ocean which was our favorite place to go. That trip was haunted with memories, some sad but many happy. I am leaving today for a 3 day trip to meet with each of my 2 daughters in 2 different campgrounds on the Olympic Peninsula. My apartment is East of Seattle in Microsoftland. My plan is to "Mostly Time" travelling for weeks or months at a time but touching home every so often to see the kids and hug the grandkids. I purchased my Toad yesterday. On Saturday I am having the Dish Satellite installed on my RV. Then I have to figure out a towing system for my Toad. Once that is done, I am free to hit the road. I have some serious heart issues myself but my cardiologist said I am free to go as long as I check in with him every 6 months or so. My wife was the very cautious type over our long time (45 years) together. When she became ill her attitude changed. She advocated to me and her caregivers "Not to wait". I plan to get as much as I can out of the time I have left here. As for my posting style, I will post when I feel I have something to add but never post just too see my post count move. I travel with my newly adopted rescue dog, Hope, who is a Beagle/miniature Dachshund mix. She is the sweetest pup you'd ever meet! See you down the road!
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