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  1. We had the lug nut covers on our wheels stolen and are having a difficult time finding replacements. Any suggestions?? Last one's suggested to us were $13.00 each! Have a 33 ft 09 Monaco Monarch with a Workhorse chassis.
  2. Bought a 2009 V-6 AWD Escape because it was 4 wheels down towable(per Ford's internet site, manual and FMCA towing guide). Towed it 193 miles and we were flagged down with smoke pouring out of car. We of course followed the instructions to a T in the manual. Car was towed to a Ford dealer in Perry, Fl and the service manage was not aware that the car was towable 4 wheels down. After discussion with the factory it was repaired with some other service modules that also were bad. They told us the transmission was defective, it didn 't have the extra reservior; We towed it home 200 miles without incident. Towed it 1000 miles with the procedure in the manual, run 5 minutes, not over 65 and ACC position. Got an oil change at the Ford dealership. Left on a trip to the North west (from Florida) got to Jennings, Fl and there was transmission fluid all over the car inside and out. Car wouldn't go into Park and we called Ford towing again. This time it went to Valdosta Lincoln Mercury. They did know that the Escape is towable 4 wheels down claimed no problems with the Escape or the Mercury Mariner. Ford again replaced the transmission. This time they told us that probably when we had the oil changed that the serviceman "topped off" the transmission fluid causing the "boil over" that "blew" the transmission. Evidently there is a service bulletin on that subject. Also the new transmission has a different fluid in it that is for higher temperatures. Of course there was also a new dipstick with markings that are lower than the previous transmission. We also were handed a e-mail version of what we are to do to tow the vehicle. Run 5 minutes, put transmission thru all gears, do that again every 6 hours. We asked where this can be found with no luck. Ford's customer service denies there is a problem with this car. So far "knock on wood" we have gone over 24oo miles without "blowing" another transmission. However, we don't let any service manager or tech near the fluid. Upon questioning them, they know nothing about not adding fluid above the lower line on the dipstick. PS we love the car it goes off road without problems, just wish they would get their stories straight.
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