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  1. Thank for the reply's. It helps that you said air dump solenoid...reinforces what I keep hearing. Hits the shop Tuesday..again...and I'll keep on them about it. "Chase" literally means having to correct or over correct as it wanders the road be it interstates or two lanes. I had Henderson's Line-Up in Grants Pass, Oregon install super steer, safety plus, walked me through a complete safety check underneath the coach, check front and rear alignments, measure the front to rear and the cross pattern. Henderson's came highly recommended and I felt like they were competent. No complaints whatsoever. So I'm going to the tire store tomorrow and have them run a check on all tires. I run them all at the manufactures recommended pressure. I even lowered it by 5 pounds per tire for a few hundred miles once to see if "softening" them would help. No dice. Checking for "dog-legging" has been suggested and I had someone follow me for a visual check but again, all seems good. Maybe a bad tire..hopefully that's all it is. Thanks so much for the repsponses.
  2. We own a 2002 Beaver Patriot, 37 foot, magnum chassis, Cat Diesel, Allison Transmission. We purchased this coach two years ago. We have a long list a repairs and upgrades that we've completed since purchase. We have installed a "super steer" system with the "Safety Plus", new shocks, and have had the air system checked and repaired multiple times, the repair being an air bag replacement and check valve. Here's the ongoing issue: After trip of 200 miles plus, (the last trip was over 1,900 miles), the drivers side of the coach will not hold air for more than 10 hours. However, this is not a "full time" occurrence, it only happens ever so often. Some times it'll hold air for days on end. It's seems good to go going down the road but when I park it and let it sit after a trip it'll lose air on the drivers side 50% of the time. I have had the air system checked multiple times, they have fixed a couple of minor leaks, but they can't seem to discover the source. I've been told third and forth hand it might be solenoid? Sticking periodically? If this sounds familiar or if you have any insight I'd appreciate it. And here's the other thing about this coach...after thousands of dollars in upgrading the suspension/steering I still have to "chase it" down the road. I'm down to tires being that culprit. It had new Firestone tires on it when we purchased it, verified they were recently purchased new from a reputable tire dealer. Firestones aren't the best I understand so that's my next and last option on that front. Love the coach but wow...tired of chasing these two issues.
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