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  1. I pulled the dip stick again this morning without whipping it first the initial look is like the picture. A small streak of oil along the edge.but the from back and other side are dry. The small street on the side goes about 2” above the full oil mark.. which if that is the actual oil reading would make since since I added the two quarts? Sorry for the clarity of the pic, with the sun it was hard to get proper focus on it. But that’s how it looked when I pulled it this morning.
  2. I will try it again tomorrow. I know sometimes it’s difficult to see and you need to turn it in the correct angle to see the glisten, but after I cleans it from the initial pull because I had been driving it and turn it on the cloth is clean. I will try again in the morning now that I have it parked and take a look the first one I pull it out. i thought this was something supposed to take 6 quarts of the 5-20. That is what I have been using since we got it. 😖That is what the auto parts store said to use when we first went to do it and gave them the info, then my LO said that is what he uses on his as well. Have i done damage using the 20 instead of the 30?
  3. I have no idea. I purchased it used, but it came with a file of work that has been don’t on it. I went through all the documents nothing is regarding the oil pan anywhere. Doesn’t necessarily mean it was not done. I just have nothing confirming it was.
  4. When checking takin pics of the dip stick, I noticed there is a thin line of oil along the back side of one edge. Is that just where it slides along the inside of the tube? Or is that the actual oil level mark? Other than what is along the edge it is dry except for the tip still. There were 6 quarts added with the oil change itself.
  5. Yes. LO is a Loved One.. He definitely should have mentioned it before to me when he noticed it.. One of the many reasons I dislike others doing things for me. I figured this was a simple enough task to let someone else do. I rather know and be educated and understand what’s going on so I can do, fix, or at least understand or expect certain things. I would only put 5 quarts back in, not the 6? The filter holds that much? Why do people change dipsticks? I’ve always had the same one for the life of my vehicles. Is this something that I could do at a Walmart parking lot? Or a auto parts store parking lot without getting in trouble? All o which are about 2miles from where I am parked. i can’t imagine that I went through the 6 quarts and 2 more I added getting from NH to CO without any indication that something is wrong to have it not sow on the dipstick. Which is why I think there is now too much oil in there.
  6. LO. Sorry for any confusion. LO = Loved One. As for the gauge, it is as it normally is. Just shy of the middle. I am not positive how to tell if it is the correct or original dip Stick. There was a file of documents of work that had been done, but nothing mentioned about anything with oil. Only “engine” area work was something about the heat and ac being fixed. I didn’t recognize the name of the parts, but was described on the receipt slip. As for the oil type, yes. We are using the 5w -20. And changing it every 3-4K miles. I’m not positive about the oil filter used. I bring the old one into the auto part store, tell them what I drive and they give me a new onNe. I think the dip dip stick is all the way in. The cap goes into the top fully. I just have to twist and bend it to get i all the way in, but I assume because it’s so long. I am not positive what a restriction in the engine means. I am parked where I am for the next week. But should I add more oil and see if it shows on the dipstick? I’m afraid there’s already too much oil in there.
  7. Hi Guys.I purchased a 34’ 1999 Allegro bay with a Ford v10 engine in it. My LO changed the oil and filter when we got it and as needed after without any issues... until now. Prepping for my work trip from NH to Colorado he changed the oil and filter while I prepped everything else. Went to get going and heard a sputtering swishing sound.. looking around found the oil was spraying out from the oil filter. In the end turned out the gasket stayed on when he took the other filter off and he didn’t notice, so when he put the new filter on there was no people seal between the two gaskets. Fixed that, added another quart of oil because that’s about what was lost before realizing the extra gasket was the cause. Drove out to Colorado with no problem, purrs like a kitten still, no signs of any leaks or spotting under the motorhome when stopping, no smoke. Once I settled in here for work I went to check the oil, and the dipstick had oil on it when I pulled it out. I wiped it with a rag and finagled it back in and pulled it out again. No oil on the stick, didnthis several times and show nothing. I know sometimes the oil is difficult to see but front and back nothing. I wipe it with a cloth and nothing on the cloth. I called LO. He said maybe we had lost more oil than he thought and suggested I add another quart. I added another quart. Waited still nothing showed.. just the tip Had oil still. He suggested another quart, did that and the same thing. I started the motorhome up and turned it off like when I get my cars oil changed and the dip stick was full of oil (like when I first took it out). Whipped it and tried it again (several more times) and still shows no oil... I called my LO again and he says..”you know, now that I think of it whenever I’ve checked it it’s always showed empty” when he has done the oil change we always recycle the oil and it’s not low when we refill the bottles. I’m thinking there is plenty of oil, but not showing on the dipstick. And my concern is that I added too much oil and might damage it. Is there any way to confirm the oil level? There’s no signs of leaks the engine sounds and feels perfect, no smoke. Nothing to indicate anything is wrong. The only thing I can think is to buy tools and oil pan and drain the oil and re-fill it by the quart so I know exactly how much is there. But other than a few bucks on proper stuff, I’m no sure where I can do this. I’m far from home, and do not think I am supposed to do that in a parking lot. Really don’t want to spend the money at a shop. They charge so much for an oil change on a motorhome when it takes minutes to do one. AnD I literally just had it done a few days ago. Any one have experience with dipstick not showing an oil level? Any suggestions on how to check the actual level of oil? Any suggestions on where to do an oil change yourself when your far from home? Can you do it at an auto parts store?
  8. Thanks. It feels great. I ended up going with the BFG’s. There not top of the line, but they said they are still good and reliable tires and should last me years.
  9. Update!! 6 brand new tire, new sumo springs on the fronts and rears. Although when they went to put them on whatever the sway bar attaches to on the rear to the frame needed to be replaced as well. Drives so much better. It was my first RV I have ever been in I didn’t know it was not supposed to rock or sway as much as it did. But now when a semi passes me on the highway the rig no longer sways.👍 and it doesn’t feel all over the road so that’s awesome. As for the fridge, I pretty much maxed out my credit card on the tires and stuff so I bit the bullet and ordered a pores/circuit board online. They had one for an open package deal someone returned for $90. With free return if it doesn’t work so I took a chance on that one. Because I’m pretty much broke and am hoping for the best. Read up the wiring diagram for NorCold. Unhooked the. Old one hooked up the new one and so far *nock on wood... runs perfectly on the LP now. Yeay!!! I’m so excited. Saved some money and did it myself.😁 thank you everyone for all of your help input and inspiration!
  10. I tried making sure everything was clean and connected securely when I was installing the new pieces. I did not think to ask what the cost would be to test it. I will call them toMorrow and find out the cost. I would like to try and ensure it is the correct part before getting a new one. But probably not if checking it is going to cost the same as just getting a new one.
  11. The closest place I found is a camping world couple hours away. They said the could test it. They did say this is their busy time and are booking out to June. So it is going to be a little while before its Checked by them if I cannot find someone else to do it beforehand.
  12. I replaced both parts with the ones that came in today. The fridge is doing the same thing. I hooked the new parts up and it is continuing to click after it is lit until it shuts down and goes into the same error mode. I turned it off and on 6 times trying it.
  13. Both the thermocouple and new burner and orifice should be in tomorrow evening. I’ll give and update once I install the new ones. Hoping it warms up again.. it’s snowing at the moment here.
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