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  1. How about checking the cables for corrosion and tight fit. I once had a vehicle that used the older battery terminal connectors. Although the connector was as tight as possible, it still allowed enough corrosion that the electrical connection was 'iffy.' Enjoy your travels.
  2. In our 2019 Pleasureway Lexor FL water is heated as needed with a Truma Aqua Go plus instant hot water, so no worry about ever running out.
  3. I use Medicare, not an HMO, and have found that for most medical situations, even when at home, a walk in clinic has sufficed. When traveling, in the rare situation where we need a specialist, then a referral for the clinic or an ER visit is in order. One thing we did when we full timed '99-'07 (pre medicare) was to establish a primary doctor by one of our children so that we did our annual physical when we visited (annually!) That also gave us someone to call when a problem arouse and we were in a more remote location.
  4. Lacking a good place to post this, I've chosen the FullTimer area since they might find this most helpful. When I am traveling and need something for my PleasureWay Lexor FL I often head to Walmart and find their APP very useful. In the store, select Wi-Fi on your phone to connect to the free Walmart Wi-Fi and you'll get a good, fast, connection. If you want to locate an item in the store you are in you can enter the item in the search bar, and when it returns information you can click on the "at your store" icon where you can change the store if you need. You will be SHOWN a diagram of the store and the aisle where the item is located. And, ready for this...it will even locate items in the grocery section. How great is that!! Hope this helps you as you travel to new locations. Bruce & Rosemary Monte Casa Grande, AZ 2019 PleasureWay Lexor FL
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