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  1. I currently have a 30’ Thor Chateau class C that my sons have out grown the sleeping arrangements. I am interested in buying the 34’10 Mirada class A. Would prefer a diesel pusher with air suspension and independent front wheel suspension, but that is out for multiple reasons. My concern is that it has a solid axle front suspension with leaf springs. I have a property that has an RV pad on it basically on the side of a ravine. I have to go down a hill on a gravel road, turn off on to the pad. The approach has a pretty steep decline from the road to the pad. It is at least a 3’ drop (maybe 4) over about 15’ distance and I have to be turning down it. I was nervous the first time, but my class C does it fine. But it also has independent front wheel suspension. Based on comparisons with my C I am not worried about ground clearance (except in back) or turning radius. But I don’t know how tippy these units are and have no place to immulate on a test drive. I also don’t know if a wheel will come off the ground. Is this solid axle class A going to have problems with that, either for safety or damage to the unit? I appreciate any thoughts.
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