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  1. In that case I image (hope?) that the advertised recovery rate of 16 gallons an hour would suffice. Either way, we generally don't take long showers even when we're home since we're on a septic system. Occasionally we might visit a campground that has showers - it'll feel like a resort! 😄
  2. True, but the more hot water is available the higher the likelihood more water is used - depleting fresh water and filling up the gray tank. On a separate note, the direct-fit Suburban is on backorder everywhere... Trip coming up in two weeks so that's not an option.
  3. I just found out that Suburban makes a direct-fit replacement (SAW6DEL) for the old Atwood. Not sure what the best option would be with that in mind, as this would make it very easy to do the replacement. If we're boondocking it may be better to have less hot water given the limit on fresh water and the capacity of the gray water tank... Wouldn't the 16 gallon/hour recovery rate if we have shore power make up for the smaller tank?
  4. Hmmm... I did find a conversion door (Suburban 520787) that is specifically made for changing an Atwood GC6AA to a 6-gallon Suburban. However, given all the feedback on upgrading to a 10-gallon unit I'm wondering if I shouldn't go that route. Are there any how-to-articles or videos on enlarging the hole?
  5. I have an old (2008) Atwood GC6AA that is not working. Not sure what's wrong with it - the previous owner didn't quite know, but it looks like it wasn't maintained. Given its age I figured that I'd replace it. However, Atwood no longer makes the GC6AA and they don't seem to have a great replacement. Hence, I figured I'd replace it with a Suburban. Trouble is, the cutout dimension between the two are quite different. Atwood GC6AA: 12 5/8"h x 16 1/4"w Suburban SW6DEL: 12.75"h x 12.75"w Suburban SW10DEL: 16.38"h x 16.38"w The Suburban 6-gallon unit is quite a bit more narrow. Are there conversion kits for this? Or would it be better to upgrade to the 10-gallon version and enlarge the opening? Thoughts?
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