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  1. I have not found the solar controller, just light that shows it charging.Thanks looks like I will start reading. Thanks
  2. I installed NorthStar AGM batteries in my Airstream 2006 396XL. I checked to see if the inverter was compatible but not the solar unit. Is this a possible problem?
  3. Thanks for all the information. I will be diving in and be back.
  4. b Ok, when you say you "put on air brakes " are you saying you pulled the knob to set the parking brake? Yes. What kind of time frame? 1 minute or 10 minutes? 1 minute. There could be some settling over time (not sure) but there is a big release right away. That sounds about right. Do you have this https://www.airstream.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/2001-touring-coach-390-series-xl-diesel-pusher-owner-s-manual-36.pdf Nice coach by the way. Bill Thanks for the link. I do have that one. Of course I still have no idea why the left rear stays up on automatic or if I should be releasing it in that why.
  5. A. The leveling jacks will level it up. B. In the picture the leveling jacks are not down. I just came to a stop and put on air brakes. C. As you see in the picture, when you stop and put on the air brakes the left rear stays up but over a couple of days it goes down also. The other 3 corners go down right away. D. There is a switch that has an auto setting that I believe automaticly dumps the air bags when you apply the air brakes (except in my case the left rear stays up longer). E. The other day I parked the motorhome, set the air brakes and flipped the switch from auto to manual and all four side went down at the same time. This was something I had not tried. F. If you leave switch set on auto and start the motorhome all the air bags come up and stay up until you stop and apply the air brakes. G. I do not have a complete set of manuals. There is nothing in the Airstream manual and I have not found it in the Freightliner info that I have so far. H. When I asked the fellow I bought motorhome from about the switch he said I did not need to mess with it. At least that is the way I remember it and unfortunately he is no longer available.
  6. A little up date. I tried spraying soapy water on lines etc. and found no leaks so current plan is to have Freightliner have a look. However, I did do one thing that made a difference. I took the air pressure release off of auto and manually let out the air. It settled to level right away. Thoughts?
  7. Thanks all. It does come back to level I crank up the engine.
  8. Well to be honest I am new to all of this. I not sure what you all mean by dumping the air and jack leveling. I engaged the air brakes. I did not put down the leveling jacks. It appears to just be the left rear and it does go down over time but slowly. If you stop and use the leveling system it levels but the right rear may be a little slow reaching level. It is a 2006 Airstream 396XL, diesel pusher, on a Freightliner X line chassis.
  9. The right rear of my 2006 Airstream 396XL does not settle down as fast as the other 3 corners of the motorhome. After about 2/3 days it does settle down. Can anyone tell me what is wrong?
  10. Thanks so much. So it looks like to me a towable Mid Size SUV is not out of the question. Does bring up another question should I be looking and curb wt of a towed vehicle or gross wt. I really do not have any plans to haul things in the TOAD. Maybe some clothes. Thanks for heads up on hitch also.
  11. New B here and I am comfused. I am buying an 2006 Airstream 396xl with a 400 hp disel pusher. How much can my towed vehicel weigh?
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