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  1. I want to thank each of you for your response to my inquiry. This forum has been so incredibly helpful to me. The coach is at a local service center today some engine work, but I will continue the solar install this weekend. I am really looking forward to it! Thanks!
  2. My wife and I recently purchased a 1997 Coachmen Mirada. I plan to install the following: 2 Renogy 100w solar panels, a 40 amp Renogy Rover solar charge controller, 2 100 ah 12 volt Renogy gel deep cycle batteries, which will be wired in parallel. I have purchased a Renogy 2000 w pure sine converter, but I am not certain that I will install it. I have already removed the original house battery and replaced it with the two gel batteries. My questions are probably stupid, but here we go: My understanding is that the controller will be connected to the new battery bank and the panels get connected to the charge controller. I plan to add a fuse between the solar charge controller and the battery bank. (1) Am I correct that the wires from the existing 12 v power center (that were originally connected to the house battery) should be connected to the new battery bank? (2) Will I still be able to plug into shore power when needed to run the AC? (3) I assume that the original 12 v system (as built by Coachmen) has an automatic transfer switch for when the RV is connected to shore power. If I connect to shore power, will that transfer switch cause my battery bank to be recharged? (I don't think that I will need that capability, but I am just curious about whether I am thinking of how the pieces fit together correctly. Does that sound right? Any insight would be appreciated. Ken O'Brien Louisville, KY
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