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  1. Quick update, as previously mentioned I purchased the Blue Ox Avail tow bar. This weekend we took a short trip and I can say it made all the difference. It is easy to hook up and disconnect the pick-up and it towed like a dream. Day and night difference from the dolly we were using before. I highly recommend it if someone is in the market for a tow bar for a pick or large SUV.
  2. Yes sir you are correct and thats why you would want to up size the connection. Most of the time unless you order a custom unit the valves are not full port and will cause a pressure drop or reduced flow.
  3. As for a home unit I was fortunate to have one costume made. What ever unit you decide on make sure that the plumbing connections are 1 size larger the feed to your home, I.E. 1" up size 1.25" this will prevent a pressure drop through the control head assembly.
  4. I have a water softener at home and missed it when we traveled. This is just like being home. Getting closer to being full timers.
  5. Thanks for everyone’s input. I have purchased a Blue Ox Avail.
  6. Looking for a tow-bar recommendation for towing a 2019 F150 Platinum behind my 2019 Dutch Star.
  7. Thanks, I bought one of amazon and it works great.
  8. Looking to purchase a water softener for my 2019 Dutch Star and am looking for recommendations.
  9. Thanks for the info. I was just wondering because there are some other manufactures that offer the same power plant but with more HP and Torque. I am moving from a gas coach (2007 Bounder) to a diesel coach and have heard of issues with some of the entry level coaches being under powered and having overheating issues. I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences with these issues.
  10. Plan is to tow a Prius Prime on a dolly.
  11. Question is does anyone have any experience with this coach. It has a Cummins ISB 6.7L engine rated at 300hp and 675ft/lbs of torque. I have concerns about towing.
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