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  1. Thanks everyone. This all makes a lot of sense. I have two different water filters in my Wet Bay. One is a Flow Pur 3 charcoal Cartridge and one is a Flow Pur 8, probably a sediment cartridge. I will have to check next time I am at the rig. I do have one water inlet with a valve that allows me to fill the fresh water tank and then switch back to the house water. Thanks for the helpful explanation!
  2. Hello, I have a question about in-line water filters. My I have a new Entegra Class a Diesel and it has two water filters built in to the coach. I think one is for the water in the coach and one is for the Fresh Water holding tank? Not 100% sure but my question is about the necessity or benefit of adding an additional in line water filter after the regulator on the campground hook up. Recently, I was camping and saw several similar coaches that were using the inline filters along with the ones provided with their coach. Is this overkill/necessary or just added security? Is there a benefit? I don't mind spending the money, just not a fan of wasting it. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Gary
  3. Not insulting at all. I wouldn't be asking if I was an expert😉 This article was very helpful. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for your help everybody!!
  5. Sorry for the lack of information. The coach is a 2018 Entegra Insignia 45ft. It was produces in 2017 but I think the Chassis was built by Spartan at the very end of 2016 if memory serves. I drove the home from the campground which was only an hour away, the temp out was around 75 and I only had the AC on about half power. I got home, unloaded the coach and about two hours later drove to the storage facility which is only about 20 min away. About 20 min after parking to store it I noticed all of the water. I opened the Generator door and thats when I noticed the drain tube was clogged. I saw that the whole evaporator was wet and the bottom inch had a layer of Ice on it which was melting quickly. The AC was blowing cold the whole time but I did notice a musty smell in the coach when I got in it at home to drive it to the storage facility.
  6. Sorry, motorhome brand is Entegra, not sure if that is what you meant. The Evaporator brand I have no clue.
  7. Not sure on the brand, back in storage. I don't think the fan was on high, probably about half. Would that make a difference? Thanks for your help.
  8. Hello, I just got back from a week trip and when I parked my Class A Diesel Morohome I noticed a lot of water dripping out of the front. I know this is normal after running the AC because of condensation but this seemed like a lot. I pulled out the Generator slide and saw it really dripping from out of either the Evaporator or the Condenser. Not really sure which on it is, I thought it was the Condenser because in a car its up front but maybe the items are located differently in a Motorhome? I saw the water dripping out from both sides and all over the wiring and I noticed that none was coming out of the drain hose. I quickly figured out that the hose was plugged up so I solved that problem but while I was feeling around for leaves and junk to clean out I felt the veins on the Evaporator/Condenser and I felt a layer of Ice on it. Is this normal? I will attach a Picture of the part that was iced, again either the Evaporator or Condenser, not sure which part this is. I just want to know if this is normal or if I have a problem with the AC in the coach. It was blowing cold so I assume its okay?
  9. I dont have a place to plug in. The Battery Minder also sells Solar Panels for this purpose. I don't really know enough about the electrical system in my coach, I need to learn more, but I know that it has a pretty good electrical management system that takes care of this when I am plugged into shore power. Maybe I can get away with just hooking up solar panels and leaving the inverter breaker on when I store it? Then I dont need a Minder? Not really sure, think I am over my head and need to take it somewhere where they know what they are doing before I burn it to the ground 😐
  10. Hey Everyone, My coach is a 2018 Entegra Insignia 45ft. I live in Southern California so plenty of sunlight is not an issue. Not sure if its wired already for solar or not but I will call Entegra and see if they can let me know. Battery Minder has a few models, I looked and they have one that shows 2/4/8 Amp. I will probably talk to a couple of places around here and see what they recommend. I was just curious if what others are doing in my situation if anything? Thanks for all of the responses!
  11. Hello, I have a question about maintaining my House Batteries. I have 4 AGM batteries in my 2018 Entegra motorhome. I still work and only am able to get the coach out about once a month and then its in storage for about 3 - 4 weeks before we go out again. Unfortunately I have no room at home so I have to store it in a rv storage facility with no power to plug into to keep the batteries maintained. I know only a little about batteries but I have heard that storing for a month at a time can cause sulfation which will significantly reduce the life. I saw a product called, Batter Minder, that claims that it can maintain up to 4 batteries and they have one kit with a solar panel. Does anybody have any experience with this or any better solutions to keep my batteries in good condition under these circumstances? The kit only costs a little over $200, if it works it seems like a slam dunk to me. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance and stay safe!!!
  12. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you!
  13. Thanks for everybody replies, I appreciate it. To answer a question above I have two filters. A Primary Fleetguard FS-1003 and a Secondary FF-5636. I don't have a clear bowl on either of the filters. Just a twist type Drain Knob on the bottom of the separator. I have spoken with a few different people in the RV club that I camp with occasionally and they all recommend carrying spare fuel filters with me however, I am reluctant to change these myself. As a former light duty auto mechanic I know the importance of following manufacturer guidelines for procedures and when I look up the procedures for changing the fuel filters on my motor the recommend priming the filter every time you change it which requires gauges and other fittings along with specific procedures. The guys that I camp with just twist off the old ones and spin on new ones? Seems risky to me but this is coming from a very conservative former mechanic that looked up torque specs for just about every nut and bolt that I tightened. Maybe I am thinking way too hard here but to me it makes sense to just get it serviced annually by a professional who deals with Heavy Diesel for a living. I just want to make sure I am doing my due diligence as a responsible owner and if checking the drain periodically is really necessary or just rely on the warning light is the best way to prevent accidental issues. I really don't want to have to explain to my wife that the reason that we are now stuck at a campground is because I thought it would be a good idea to see if there was any water in my fuel filter😐
  14. I am looking for advice regarding the water fuel separator on my 2018 Entegra Coach. I have a 450hp Cummins ISL9 with the type of Separator that you twist the knob on the bottom to drain the water from. According to everything I have read you should do this periodically. I took my coach in for its first annual service to a very reputable repair facility. The Service Adviser told me I should never do this. He said that i should trust the sensor, it will let me know if there is water in the system. He said that if I drain the separator there is the potential for getting air in the system and then the coach wont start. He said that if I insist that I should drain no more than a shot glass of fluid and then start the engine and let it run before draining more in order to avoid a air pocket in the fuel system. Again he reinforced that I should not have to drain this. Any opinions?
  15. Okay, thanks for all of the advise. Just to be clear, because I think that I was not, I am not using the coach air power to inflate the tires. I have a separate Portable compressor but it does not have a 120v Plug. It has alligator clips because it is designed to work off a 12v battery instead of plugging it in. I will just run my engine to ensure that I don't drain my battery.
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