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  1. I have a Norcold 1210IM refrigerator. The ice maker was leaking so, per the Norcold owners manual, I chose to replace the ice maker with a unit that is identical to the original ice maker, and I replaced the solenoid valve. After installation, I used a jumper wire to manually test the solinoid valve and manually cycle the new ice maker. I then waited a day to make sure I allowed enough time for the freezer to cool down. After doing all this the new ice maker is not making any ice. I suspect the "thermal fuse" on the ice makers wiring harness may be the culpret, but I cannot find any on-line guidance for how to test the "thermal fuse". Can anyone provide another reason for there being no ice or how to test the "thermal fuse"? Good news, since the original post I found and fixed a leak in the water supply line. I also put the "shut-off-arm" in the off position overnight. In the next morning I put the shut-off-arm in the on position and the ice maker started to cycle by filling the tray with water. Not sure what happens when you do what I did with the "shut-off-arm" but i got the idea from one of the several forums i participated in. I NOW HAVE A PROPERLY FUNCTIONING ICE MAKER.
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