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  1. My Roadmaster Brakemaster 7160 works great on our Jeep. Air line connects to K3 chassis and is proportional to the amount of push down of break pedal I do on MH.
  2. 50 dollars/year registration renewel in Louisiana. Also every two years get an inpsection for 20 dollars. Where they get you when you buy a MH you pay 8% sales tax on selling price. Best thing to do is buy used!
  3. Only ISX-15 I heard of having the problems were the models rated for 650 HP. Have not heard of the 600 HP or lower HP models having the valve problems!
  4. Louisiana, DEF temperature was showing -40 on Silverleaf, with ambient air temperature of 87.
  5. It usually is a charge of one hour, as it takes that long to wipe ECM and install new update. Our engine was built 02/17 at the Jamestown plant. It had many updates, one was timing and DEF ratio. I am waiting on DEF tank temperature sensor, which requires the entire neck to be replaced inside the tank, removed from top of tank.
  6. Upon starting our MH to move from shed to open sky a check engine light came on displaying 3031-9 on Silverleaf. It showed a DEF temperature of -40F. Spartan mobile tech. came to our home to get code for emmisions warranty. It is a Cummins engine but this is covered under Spartans Emmission Warranty. Since technician ran his large work truck into ditch and I pulled him out with tractor he updated my ECM for free, it took almost an hour. But for a 17 year model engine I had Version 7 and the newest was version 15. We shall see how this does once DEF Temperature Sensor is changed out. Has anyone else had their ECM updated?
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