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  1. I would have thought they did but keep persistent.
  2. I see FMCA has a discount on Briter batteries but wow are they expensive. I'm not sure how many on this site can afford to upgrade 4, 6 or 8 batteries. I for one can't. I would like to see a discounts for other batteries like Trojan etc. These are more affordable to the average person and would give members a reasonable option to upgrade their battery bank. Hopefully a deal can be reach with some battery companies to sell to members through battery suppliers like the tire discount program. Maybe a consensus from the membership could give a little push to negotiate a deal for us. Dennis
  3. drservices01


    Yeah I should have posted this in the 5th wheel section but this is my first thread and realized my mistake after I submitted it. I will repost it there. As old as I am, I still learn something new everyday.😎
  4. drservices01


    Does anyone use the Continental HS3 225/70r19.5. Are they a good tire, wear well, and ride good. I'm planning on ordering them and Boar rims this week for my 2018 Montana 5th wheel, but haven't used Continental tires in many years. The other choice is Hankook but I would prefer an American made tire. Tires are being upgraded for a trip to San Antonio for the winter and then another trip to Alaska. Any help would be appreciated.
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