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  1. What braking system do use with CR-V? I just bought Diesel pusher coach and and don't know whether to get electric or air. Which is the fastest acting in the time of an emergency or is that really anything to really worry about? Thank you
  2. I just bought a 40 foot Tiffin Phaeton diesel pusher and I'm trying to find out what the best braking system is for our 2013 CRV. Is an electric braking system like the Patriot or air pressure system like Air Force the best for our application? I have seen YouTube's where it seems Air Force has a quicker application and might be better in an emergency situation than electric. Need good information other than YouTube. Thank you in advance for your assistance. And I am also retired forty years in the career fire and EMS service.
  3. I am trying to decide whether to go with an electric braking system or air brake system, such as air force with my diesel pusher. Your input would be greatly appreciated thank you
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