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  1. When my R910 got a swollen battery and popped the back off, FMCA arranged the replacement and I received a Mifi 8000L as the replacement. That was in January, I believe. Ray
  2. Friends had their 2015 Wrangler set up by a local reputable RV dealer (not CW) and the install for everything including a portable braking system was $4,600. I just did my 2020 Equinox Premier with a Demco baseplate, Roadmaster Nighthawk tow bar, Demco Stay-IN-Play permanent braking system, RVi Towed Charger, LED tail light diode wiring kit, tow bar cover, two locking hitch pins, a 4" dual drop hitch, two tow bar pin padlocks, wire loom to contain all of the wiring and spent about $3,700 on parts out the door, almost all with Etrailer. Shipping was free but the state sales tax was not. Ray
  3. The 34DS has a GCWR or 26,000 lbs and a GVWR of of 20,500 lbs for a 5,500 lb difference but also has a 5,000 lb hitch because the next step up in hitch is 7.500 lbs. Whatever you buy I'd keep its weight in the low 4,000's maximum, maybe 4,200 or 4,300 but that's me because I do not believe in pushing margins. That weight is the weight of the car without people but with any extra stuff you're carrying and however much fuel it has. That's usually called the "curb weight" and adjusted upward for your stuff. I just set up my 2020 Equinox for flat towing and with the two ebikes inside it should weigh roughly 4,000 lbs. I have a GT5 so it has a bit less towing capacity than your FR3. HTH, Ray
  4. I read an article somewhere that it had to do with the electronic shift system on the Terrain. Ray
  5. I've seen that note on many hotspot services but I think it's marketing BS. The carrier would have to be intercepting every person's video stream, decrypt the HTTPS (which they should not be able to do) and then transmit a request as you to lower the resolution. That may have worked when the streaming services were not using HTTPS as everyone does now. We use the FMCA Sprint service with a Roku. The TV's are 720p because they're 38" and 42" so a higher resolution would not be noticed. Everything we stream is crystal clear, Netflix, Amazon Prime, whatever. I've actually streamed Netflix for hours via my Verizon phone hotspot, which is limited to 0.6 M/bps, with full resolution and very little buffering. See this link for what Netflix says you need: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/306 We've had the FMCA Sprint service for about five months and have used it every day all day for the past two months. Other than spotty service where we are right now it's worked great. Ray
  6. My FMCA Franklin R910 suffered a bulging battery and actually popped the back cover off. I received the new Inseego Mifi 8000 last week as a replacement. It's supposed to be the same hardware as the Verizon 8800L Mifi device. The Mifi 8000 is what Sprint is now selling to their customers instead of the Franklin R910 and it can have an external antenna connected to it. It would not activate so I worked through the FMCA TechConnect page and Aaron White (Membership Services Manager) responded, who was fantastic to deal with. He is extremely responsive and competent. It turned out that FMCA needed to contact Sprint to get the phone number moved from the Franklin R910 to the Mifi 8000 and then it just started working, probably because the Mifi was a replacement device provided by Asurion and shipped directly to me. I knew when it switched because the R910 stopped working. :) There is a firmware update that may be needed on the original Mifi 8000 devices, firmware 1S but mine had it when it was shipped to me from Asurion. Aaron provided the firmware update directions in case that was the problem but it wasn't. The area we're in right now is kind of spotty on coverage. If you understand signal strengths the Mifi is showing -122 to -125 dbm, which is quite weak. Sprint's map shows I need to relocate out of the campground in any direction for about a mile and coverage will be fine, of course. I just ordered a directional antenna from Amazon for these areas so we'll see how it works when it arrives in a week or so. https://www.amazon.com/Inseego-Hotspot-External-Periodic-Low-Loss/dp/B07XY7D6VS/ref=sr_1_3?crid=J9KLSCWPJCPR&keywords=mifi+8000+mobile+hotspot+external+antenna&qid=1579362721&sprefix=mifi+8000%2Caps%2C216&sr=8-3 HTH, Ray
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